ICON 1Q achievements

Greetings, from the ICON Team

The first quarter of the year 2018 have passed and April is coming. We would like to look back and share the achievements with the community. We are happy to announce that we have made good progress for 1Q 2018.

[January, 2018]

2018. 01. 19
<ICON Partners wiith KyberNetwork>

Icon has signed a strategic partnership with KyberNetwork, a decentralized exchange that facilitates instant conversion of crypto-assets with guaranteed liquidity. The partnership with KyberNetwork has given us a boost in momentum of building a token exchange system which is a key component of the inter-blockchain ecosystem.

2018. 01. 25
<ICON Mainnet 1.0 Launch>

On January 24th, 2018(18:25UTC) the ICON Mainnet Genesis Block was successfully created. The Mainnet launch marks the starting point of ICON team’s journey toward achieving the vision of “Hyperconnect the World”. With the launch of ICON Mainnet, a wide range of DApp developments are underway.

2018. 01. 31
<ICON Annual Summit: The Genesis >

The first ICON Annual Summit: The Genesis was held with 300+ guests and 3,000+ YouTube viewers worldwide. The highlights of the event include 1) MainNet Update 2) 2018 Roadmap 3) Token Economy 4) DApp and new partnership introduction. Thank you again for your support and interest in ICON and the first ICON Annual Summit: The genesis.

[February, 2018]

2018. 02. 09
<MOU between theloop & Smilegate Stove>

Icon has signed an MOU with Smilegate Stove, a game platform service provider of the Smilegate Group. In cooperation with Smilgate Stove, Icon has been able to enter the global gaming market, as well as start to create a blockchain based next generation game platform. The two companies plan to create a new gaming ecosystem that guarantees the rights of creators and eliminates the boundaries of users and creators and have unlimited access sharing their contents.

2018. 02. 12
<MOU between theloop & Raonsecure>

theloop and Raonsecure, a biometrics technology services company, have signed an MOU to co-develop a FIDO system using blockchain technology. FIDO is a global standard for biometrics and is considered as one of the next generation authentication technology. The blockchain biometrics system will reduce security risks associated with centralized systems and provides high reliability.

2018. 02. 14
<MOU between theloop & Cyberdigm>

theloop has signed an MOU with Cyberdigm, a company specializing in unstructured contents management to jointly develop a blockchain based contract platform. The blockchain based contract platform is expected to provide not only high reliability, but also a variety of conveniences, including simplifying business procedures and cutting costs.

2018. 02. 26
<Launching of ICONex>

On February 26, 2018, ICON’s wallet, ICONex officially opened. ICONex is a wallet that can hold not only ICX but also a variety of encrypted currency. Starting with the PC version that has been launched, Android and iOS support is under development which is expected to launch soon.

[March, 2018]

2018. 03. 10

The ICON team organized a tour through the Asia Pacific region with our DApp teams — Tink, Blue Whale, and Sentinel Protocol to expand the global community. The tour started in Sydney, followed by Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo.

2018. 03. 21 ~ 22
<Additional listing in exchanges>

ICX tokens are listed on two additional Korean exchanges — Bithumb and Upbit. With the listing of major Korean exchanges, our community members now have more options to trade ICX tokens.

2018. 03. 22
<MOU between theloop & Nonghyup Bank>

theloop has signed an MOU with NH Nonghyup Bank to explore blockchain and FinTech project. The two companies will work together on promoting financial API and blockchain utilization through technical research, projects, open seminars and hackathons. With this agreement, we are expected to lead the way in building a variety of digital financial platforms based on blockchain technology.

We thank you all for your interest and support in ICON during the first quarter of 2018, and we will do our best to make it a better second quarter of 2018.

Thank you.

Hyperconnect the World

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