ICON Project, Homepage Now Open

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//Translated from Korean Language//

The ICON Project website, which was known only to industry leaders in the blockchain, was unveiled on January 2.

The ICON Project holds the ambition of creating blockchain communities with independent governances under the slogan ‘Hyperconnect the World’ utilizing the loopchain technology.

The ICON Project is aimed at creating a blockchain ecosystem that can be used in real life by linking blockchain-based services on decentralized networks and enabling them to trade in real time.

The ICON Project is scheduled to implement authentication service (Blockchain ID) and currency exchange payment (Payment & Exchange) service for securities transactions and medical information distribution.

These blockchain services are backed by blockchain specialist theloop. theloop has been developing loopchain for two years. loopchain is currently used by 25 major domestic financial brokerage firms, university hospitals using Precision Hospital Information System (P-HIS), insurance project led by Kyobo Life, and U-Coin project led by three universities (Korea University, Sogang University, and POSTECH).

loopchain will be open to Github as an open source software on August 3rd at the LOOP-ONE event. The ICON project is scheduled to have a project briefing session in August, and details related to it can be found on the website (http://icon.foundation).


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