ICON Signs a Strategic Partnership with Japanese Blockchain Consulting Firm, LayerX, to Expand ICON’s Blockchain Ecosystem

- Aims to expand ICON’s Japanese and global blockchain community and improve the security level of the ICON Network
- Plans to co-host hackathons, demo days and conferences and cooperate in smart contract auditing

Greetings from the ICON Team,

Seoul, December 18th, 2018— The ICON Team is proud to announce that ICON has signed a strategic partnership (MOU) with the Japanese blockchain consulting firm ‘LayerX’ (CEO Yoshinori Fukushima). This MOU aims to vitalize the ICON developer community in Japan as well as ensure the integrity of the ICON Network through a code audit alliance.

ICON and LayerX, will co-host hackathons, demo days, and conferences to increase the adoption of SCORE, ICON’s smart contract implementation environment. Also, we will cooperate to accelerate the expansion of global communities inside and outside of Japan.

Additionally, LayerX, also as a partner of ‘ICX Station’ will increase the security level by providing code audit for the ICON platform and ICON DApps.

ICON has been sponsoring and operating ICX Station, which is a global accelerator program established in major cities including Seoul, San Francisco, and Singapore. ICON has strived to expand its ecosystem and support promising DApps through various partnerships. In May 2018, ICON also co-founded the joint venture ‘Unchain’ with Line Plus, and has been working to create synergies in structuring Line’s blockchain Mainnet and DApp services.

LayerX was founded in August as a joint venture between news curation app, Gunosy and advisory service, AnyPay. It is Japan’s leading blockchain company and provides blockchain related services, including services such as integration for enterprise, smart contract audit, consulting and R&D.

Yoshinori Fukushima, CEO of LayerX said, “LayerX is very excited to form a partnership with the ICON Foundation, which has achieved an impressive track record in the blockchain industry. ICON’s core engine, ‘loopchain’, has been used to develop a blockchain authentication system, and is already adopted by major securities firms and insurance industry. We expect it to be utilized in Japan as well, and we will support ICON’s activities in Japan on the technical front.”

J.H. Kim, council member of the ICON Foundation, said “ICON Foundation is pleased to cooperate with LayerX, a leading company with technological capabilities in Japan.” He added, “Through our partnership with LayerX, we expect various ICON DApp services to further expand their global presence based on the linkage between public blockchain and enterprise blockchain in the future.”

Thank you,

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