ICONnect Meetup #2 — Photos

Mainnet Schedule: The ICON CTO states that the “Mainnet” is slated to launch in December as originally planned. Currently, the “Testnet” is operational and the internal ICON developer team are running QA(Quality Assurance) tests.

ICONex Wallet: The “ICONex Wallet” was also demoed during the Meetup. ICONex is ICON’s official ICX Wallet. You can see a slide from ICONex in the pictures below.

Unlock Schedule: Once the ICX Token unlock list is fully verified, the tokens will be unlocked within a couple of days. Thank you for your patience. Please understand that we cannot give the exact date so we can avoid scam activities.

Refund Process: For contributors who failed the KYC/AML process, your ETH will be refunded to your ETH address. Refundees have been sent a detailed refund process email. The Refund process started on Dec 12th, 2017.

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