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Aug 14, 2019 · 4 min read

Greetings ICONists,

ICON TX Challenge + ICON’s Got Talent has finally come to an end after 2 months of exciting progress from the community!

ICON TX Challenge officially began on June 3rd, and it has successfully generated 60M+ transactions in merely 24 days, which was very effective in stress testing the ICON Network and proving the performance of the network before the decentralization. Additionally, ICON’s Got Talent has successfully brought 20 meaningful blockchain-based services on the ICON Network and the community was very excited to see meaningful developments on the network.

Of 20 participating teams, 6 finals winners were selected by 10 esteemed judges, who include individuals from the ICON team, accelerators, and crypto funds. Judges scored every project carefully and it was very hard for them to make the decision because it was a close competition. For participating teams that didn’t win, please don’t be disappointed as many judges were still impressed with a number of services that didn’t make it to the final winners. The scoring process involved taking out the maximum score and the minimum score among 10 judges to reduce the bias for each project and averaging out the rest of the 8 judges’ scores for each project.

We are very excited to announce the following 6 winners, who will be receiving 50,000 ICX.

Final Winners


ICON’s Got Talent Winner Certificate (broof)

Total score : 68.5 / 100
Value to end users (21.1/30), Good use of blockchain (17.6/30), Creativity (10.4/15), UI/UX (11.8/15), Popularity (7.6/10)

Description : STAYGE.net is a fan community based on blockchain technology. Fans can create fan communities of what they love. Fans can make their own community of the favorite artist, influencers, games and more. STAYGE rewards fans for their activities such as comment, post share, new member invite in the fan communities with ACT token.


ICON’s Got Talent Winner Certificate (broof)

Total score : 65.3 / 100
Value to end users (20.4/30), Good use of blockchain (18.0/30), Creativity (8.9/15), UI/UX (9.3/15), Popularity (8.7/10)

Description : Certiv is an EduTech web application which will allow higher education institutions to certify the profile of their students (experiences, skills, projects, etc…) through the ICON Blockchain in order to promote them to recruiters


ICON’s Got Talent Winner Certificate (broof)

Total score : 65.3 / 100
Value to end users (17.5/30), Good use of blockchain (22.1/30), creativity (8.6/15), UI/UX (10.2/15), Popularity (6.9/10)

Description : ICONbet is the first DAO on ICON. TAP tokens will provide access to ICX earnings and voting rights of the DAO. The House starts with 250,000 ICX. Anything House makes above its 250K ICX treasury balance will be distributed to TAP token holders. TAP Token holders will also have an equal share of house treasury (~250,000 ICX to start) if TAP token holders vote to kill the game. Killing the game is the first DAO voting feature we incorporated. The first game is DAOlette, a Roulette style game.


ICON’s Got Talent Winner Certificate (broof)

Total score : 63.5/ 100
Value to end users (17.5/30), Good use of blockchain (18.4/30), Creativity (8.8/15), UI/UX (9.4/15), Popularity (9.4/10)

Description : Users can check-in at locations around the world and own their own data! All of the user data is stored locally on their phone, only leaving to securely upload it to the ICON Blockchain, using the user’s own password protected keys generated securely using Official ICON SDKs. Thus, users own their data, no one else. We envision an environment in which users could actually sell their data to advertisers in the future, should they wish to do so. Breadcrmb the first DApp to integrate ICON’s new Fee 2.0


ICON’s Got Talent Winner Certificate (broof)

Total score : 61.0 / 100
Value to end users (19.6/30), Good use of blockchain (19.6/30), Creativity (6.8/15), UI/UX (8.7/15), Popularity (6.3/10)

Description : Decentralized exchange on ICON Network that allows users to buy and sell tokens without third-party. The main characteristic of ICON-DELTA is that you can exchange assets existing on the ICON Network safely without any additional fee. Every trade is processed on blockchain which keeps an asset more safe and transparent.


ICON’s Got Talent Winner Certificate (broof)

Total score : 60.7 / 100
Value to end users (19.6/30), Good use of blockchain (18.3/30), Creativity (7.9/15), UI/UX (10.7/15), Popularity (4.2/10)

Description : We aim to utilize blockchain technology to create a decentralized platform that will transform last-mile logistics. We envision that the trustless nature of our platform will provide the foundation for a harmonized ecosystem, between the different stakeholders involved in the last-mile process such as the third party logistics companies, e-commerce retailers, logistics couriers and end recipients.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all 6 winners as well as the rest of the participating teams in ICON’s Got Talent and ICON TX Challenge. With the ICON TX Challenge and ICON’s Got Talent, network stress testing was successfully done and a number of meaningful services were built on the ICON Network. We hope to see this momentum continue and build a great ecosystem on the ICON Network together with the community.

Thank you,

Hyperconnect the World


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