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ICONVIET: A New Journey

My Position As The Ambassador Program Concludes: A New Opportunity Arises

Passion derives itself from the love of a particular thing, institution and/or project etc. My passion, since I began my cryptocurrency journey in the middle of 2017, was to serve a cryptocurrency project and participate in its expansion and perpetuation as mass adoption looms closer and closer to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. In late 2017 and early 2018, I stumbled upon ICON, a protocol like no other: a protocol that emphasizes the notions of equality, equity, liberty, freedom, inclusivity and voter participation through its ecosystems paradigm of function. As I embarked on the Ambassador Program, it has been an honor to serve the ICON Community and meet numerous different P-Reps as we share our goals and vision to expand and perpetuate the ICON Ecosystem collectively. Through my podcast “The Democratic Chronicles” and learning about different P-Reps, I realized that the scope of this project was incredibly larger than I could ever imagine and I knew that I wanted to do more for ICON after the Ambassadorship concluded: then, I found ICONVIET, rather, ICONVIET found me.

A New Dawn: A New Opportunity: A New Paradigm To Expand The ICON Ecosystem: Joining ICONVIET

As the Ambassador Program concluded, ICONVIET contacted me and we discussed their plans for the ICON Ecosystem and how they plan to assist in the development and the expansion of the ICON Ecosystem; hailing from Vietnam, ICONVIET is a team of software developers with unprecedented levels of technical expertise. Our team members have over fifteen years of software expertise, specifically with the cloud provider Microsoft Azure. ICONVIET enticed me to join their team through their passion, developmental expertise, their plans (though I can’t divulge anything yet) for the ICON Ecosystem and their ability to watch for P-Rep productivity. As decentralization of the ICON Ecosystem draws closer and closer, it is crucial to realize the productivity and contributions of each P-Rep, including ourselves, that’s why ICONVIET created “P-Rep Watcher”, to monitor the creations, contributions and development of each different P-Rep, providing ICONist’s with the tools necessary to realize where P-Reps intentions and motives really are within the ICON Ecosystem. At the time of writing this article, over 1.28 million ICX has been delegated towards ICX (an approximate equivalent of $312,000 USD). My job within ICONVIET will be extremely similar to what I was doing during the Ambassador Program: to create podcasts on my show “The Democratic Chronicles” regarding ICONVIET’s progress and also, to facilitate partnerships and collaborations between us and different P-Reps. It is time for a new dawn, and the herald of this new ICON paradigm will be from ICONVIET.

Conclusion: ICONVIET, A New Standard

“We believe that the mass adoption of the ICON Ecosystem can only be accomplished by building various high-quality products and user-friendly services that encompasses the ICON Network, which connect to DApps and utilize the ICX coin under-the-hood without the users even knowing they’re using the coin: seamless and positive user experience are what we are trying to achieve.” Proof of Contribution is a focal component of the ICON Ecosystem, and we will continue to contribute to the ICON Ecosystem. Long Live ICON, a new dawn of democratic, republican developmental equity is upon us; this is ICON, this is freedom.

For more information about ICONVIET, check out our proposal page and official website!


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Interested in the upcoming ICONSENSUS election? Check out my YouTube channel where I interview P-Reps and discuss their plans for the ICON Ecosystem.


Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency investing requires substantial risk, do not invest more than you can afford to lose! I am not a financial adviser and I am not responsible for any of your trades. I am an investor of Icon Coin and the information within this article represent my own thoughts and opinions. It is incumbent that you always do your own research before investing in anything!



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Disclaimer: Crypto investing involves substantial risk, do not invest more than you can afford to lose! This material is for educational purposes only!