ICX Station Partners with Deblock

Hello from ICX Station,

We’re proud to announce that ICX Station is partnering with Deblock to manage the Seoul Launchpad of ICX Station. Launchpads are hubs of ICX Station, each committed to accelerating the growth of the ICON Ecosystem. Deblock will be accelerating ICON projects and working in tandem with ICON’s vision to hyperconnect the world.

South Korea is the home base of ICON and one of the most active countries in the blockchain industry. Deblock has already established itself in Korea as a leading blockchain Venture Capital Fund and accelerator. It currently hosts the largest demo day in Korea with national blockchain and fintech leaders from LINE Unblock, ICONLOOP, #Hashed, Upbit, and Deblock participating as judges every month. For further insight on ICON’s position in Korea and how Deblock has been contributing to its growth, read their monthly update here.

We look forward to the expansion of ICX Station as we add launchpads around the globe, and collaborating to hyper-accelerate ICON together. For further information on ICX Station please visit our website.

Your Partner in Blockchain,
ICX Station Team


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