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Greeting from the ICON Team

We thank you all for waiting patiently for the token swap.

The token swap will be made through our exchanges (Binance, Upbit, Bithumb)and ICONex wallet. We will be expanding the number of exchanges that will support the token swap process and will announce them when ready.

[Token Swap process]

The ERC20 ICX tokens will be swapped to mainnet ICX coins with a 1:1 swap exchange rate (1 ERC20 ICX token = 1 mainnet ICX coin). Please be aware that once the token swap is made, you cannot convert them back to ERC20 ICX tokens.

Token Swap schedule

1. Exchanges: Deposit your ERC20 ICX tokens to the exchange until;
- Binance: 2018.6.20 (09:00,UTC+9) (For details, click here)
- Upbit: 2018.6.20 (22:00,UTC+9) (For details, click here)
- Bithumb: 2018.6.21 (22:00,UTC+9)(For details, click here)

2. ICONex: You can swap your ERC20 ICX tokens to mainnet ICX coins using the token swap feature of ICONex starting from 2018.06.25(13:00,UTC+9) until 2018.09.25(13:00,UTC+9)

* Important notice

1. (As of June 18th) Only Binance, Upbit and Bithumb are the official exchanges that have agreed with ICON for the token swap support. Please beware of other exchanges or third-parties claiming that they support ICX token swap. The list of exchanges will be updated.

2. ERC20 ICX tokens must be received by the exchanges before their deadlines for the token swap to be made.

3. All ICX deposits and withdrawals from the exchanges will be suspended until the token swap process of the exchanges are finished. For details, please refer to the exchange announcements.

Token Swap procedure (Using Exchanges)

  1. Deposit your ERC20 ICX tokens to the exchange before
    1) Binance: June 20th, 2018 (09:00,UTC+9)
    2) Upbit: June 20th, 2018 (22:00,UTC+9)
    3) Bithumb: June 21st, 2018 (22:00,UTC+9)
  2. The exchanges will automatically make the token swap process without any additional submission or waiting period.
  3. All ICX deposits and withdrawals from the exchanges will be suspended until the token swap process of the exchanges are finished.
  4. To find out more about the exchange schedules, please see the following
    1) Binance: Official announcement
    2) Upbit: Official announcement
    3) Bithumb: Official announcement

Token Swap procedure (Using ICONex: Detailed guide - Click here)

ICONex Token Swap feature
  1. Create an ICONex ETH wallet and send your ERC20 ICX tokens to the ICONex ETH wallet (Guide to creating your wallet)
    * Please check you create an ICONex ETH wallet(address starts with “0x”)
  2. Add ICX custom token to activate the token swap feature.
  3. Follow the instructions and complete the token swap submission
    1) Your ICONex ICX wallet will be created automatically and the same amount of ICX that you have swapped will be distributed to your ICX wallet.
    2) You will need a small amount of ETH balance for the token swap.
  4. Mainnet ICX coins will be distributed once per day(except weekends). (Token swap submission available at all times)
  5. Token swap submission received before 09:00(UTC+9) will be processed
    and distributed on the same day at 18:00(UTC+9). Submission received after 09:00(UTC+9) will be processed the next day. (No distribution on weekends or holidays)

* Important notice

1. Mainnet ICX coins will only be available for trade in exchanges that support Mainnet ICX.

2. Mainnet ICX coins that are swapped using ICONex cannot be traded right away in Binance, Upbit and Bithumb as they will suspend ICX deposits during the exchanges’ token swap processing period. (ICONex token swap(25th) feature will be open after the exchange deposit deadline(20th~21st))

3. If you wish to trade your mainnet ICX coins without waiting, please use Binance, Upbit or Bithumb for the token swap.

[Questions regarding token swap]

We expect to receive many questions regarding the token swap and may take time to answer individual questions through email. Please submit your questions using the following link and we will update our FAQ sheet with the answers.

Submit your questions: Click here
FAQ sheet: Answers to your questions

[Important notice]

1. Airdropped ICX are mainnet ICX coins. They do not need to go through the token swap process.

2. There may be SCAM attempts impersonating ICON. ICX token swap will only be made through ICONex, Binance, Upbit and Bithumb(as of June 18th). If you find any SCAM attempts such as asking to send your ICX to an individual wallet for the token swap process, please let us know (hello@icon.foundation)

3. The swapped mainnet ICX coins will be stored in the ICONex ICX wallet starting with hx, not the ICONex ETH wallet starting with 0x. Also, please do not send your ICX mainnet coins to ETH based wallets such as MEW

4. ERC20 ICX tokens that are swapped will be burned(locked) and will no longer be used. The burned ERC20 tokens will not be in the total circulation amount.

5. Hardware wallet support for mainnet ICX is under development. It is difficult to tell the exact time it will be launched, but we will do our best to speed up the process.

We thank you all for waiting patiently for the token swap and we will keep you updated of the token swap status through our SNS channels.

Thank you

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