Key Announcement : Rebranding Updates

Greetings from the ICON Team,

The ICON Foundation is proud to announce that ICONLOOP’s new Corporate Identity (“CI”) has been released today. Per our key announcements released on August 7th, this is part of the continued rebranding of theloop to ICONLOOP.

ICONLOOP and ICON are focused on two distinct markets. ICONLOOP has been focused on designing private blockchain networks for institutional and government clients, while ICON focuses more on the dApp and public blockchain infrastructure.

Building a network in both of these markets under one cohesive brand brings significant synergies to both parties, as the potential for interoperability across these markets becomes more and more valuable.

Hoon Lee, council member of ICON Foundation said, “ICONLOOP has built up a partnership network with large companies in the financial industry with a focus on B2B services. We plan to apply our business accomplishments and know-how to the ICON project to create a global platform. We are ready to make a larger blockchain ecosystem, and are continuing work to bring blockchain technology to the next level.”

This rebranding further strengthens the link between the ICON Project and ICONLOOP, creating value far greater than either entity could have achieved on its own.

Thank you,

Hyperconnect the world


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