Key Announcements Interview

Greetings from the ICON Team,

We have uploaded an interview video of ICON Foundation Council members explaining more about ‘Key Announcements from ICON’.

I. theloop rebrands to ICONLOOP

· Hoon Lee / ICON Foundation Council Member - Strategy Part

“Hi, my name is Hoon Lee, and I’m in charge of Business Strategy of ICON.

We recently decided to change the name of “theloop,” the tech company of ICON, into “ICONLOOP.” I’d like to give you some background about this recent change.

As we’ve been doing blockchain business, we realized that mass adaption is key to success.

For mass adaption to happen in the blockchain realm, we’ve been doing our business in two major aspects.

One is to attract users from existing services to the crypto world, and the other is to create and grow a user base in the crypto world.

These two strategies are different in various aspects, so we’ve been doing things separately.

One under the brand named “theloop,” and the other under the brand named “ICON.”

However, now that the market in general has a better understanding of blockchain, and we are also equipped with better technology and deeper knowledge, we have decided to unify the two separate strategies that we’ve been using in order to create greater values.

As a result, we are rebranding ourselves with ICON at the center and strengthening our business.

Thus, we changed “theloop” into “ICONLOOP.”

This change isn’t merely a name change; but instead, it is the beginning of a series of greater upgrades and improvements of ICON.

Thank you so much for your support!”

II. $5 Million ICX Repurchase Program

· Jay Kim / ICON Foundation Council Member - Finance&Operations Part

“After we announced that we are going to do a repurchase program last week, many people have been wondering about the details about the program.

I’d like to briefly explain about the program in more detail today.

To begin with, our repurchase program entails some parts that needs an approval from our Swiss foundation.

Therefore, we are currently going over the details of the program in order to make sure that there is no legal issue

As soon as this review ends, we are going to start the repurchase program.

The ICX that is going to be repurchased through this program is going to be locked for at least 6 months.

After this lock period ends, the ICX is going to be used for community revitalization.

Our repurchase program is going to take place in the exchange market and over the counter.

Let me briefly explain about the significance of this repurchase program.

We are currently making great achievements in both business aspect and technology aspect.

In terms of business, we are closely working with the financial investment industry and executing MOUs with various entities.

On the technology side, we are closely working with Samsung Electronics and LINE.

Even though we cannot reveal everything about our projects and our achievements at this point, we are working hard every day to make greater achievements and to announce them to you all in the near future.

With the repurchase program as a part of our endeavors, we look forward to delivering good news to you all.

Thank you!”

III. Open Source Release Schedule

· J.H. KIM / ICON Foundation Council Member — Technical Engineering Part

“Hi, this is J.H. Kim, the CEO of ICONLOOP.

I’d like to talk about the significance of open sources prior to revealing the open source release schedule.

ICON Project, as its mission “Hyperconnect the World” suggests, seeks to create value by connecting public blockchains that are connecting private blockchains.

This cannot be done by a single project or a single organization.

As a result, we wanted to do this work by collaborating with many developers based on proven open sources.

We’ve wanted to make sure that we are revealing proven open sources.

After detailed inspection with globally recognized developers like LINE and Samsung, we’ve decided that we are ready to reveal proven open sources.

We will now sequentially reveal all ICON core sources that we have worked on up until August.

We will continue to reveal more detailed open sources, so please be on the lookout.

Thank you!”

We thank you all for your continued interest and support for ICON.

Thank you,

Hyperconnect the World


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