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The Conception of Digitized Democratic Equity: The ICON Paradigm

On The Verge Of Conception Is A New Dawn: An ICONist Dawn: A Democratic Dawn

“The Dream Of Democracy”

Democratic equity within our contemporary political system is a rarity when it comes to the global political paradigm. Despots reign supreme, tyranny is perpetuated throughout the globe, however, a new dawn is on the horizon, free from authoritative absolutism. The conception of digitized democracy will herald in a new dawn: a new birth of freedom that will perpetuate equity and republican representation of all citizens. ICON is the harbinger of decentralized democracy, as it has conceived of a new political paradigm that transforms contemporary democracy into a digitized ubiquitous concrete ideal. ICONists are the heralds of this democratic extension throughout the globe, as we, in equal and equitable representation, will vote on who will represent us: what P-Rep’s are worthy to represent us as a populace? Globally speaking, P-Rep’s hail from over four different continents: hailing from Asia, Africa, North America and Europe. The active participation from different groups collectively throughout the entirety of the planet sets a new precedent: an unprecedented global approach to digitized democracy and republican virtue, amalgamating the sovereign components that allow and perpetuate the freedom of each ICONist.

Vote: Spread: Disrupt

“Glory Be To Those Who Stand In The Face Of Adversity, In The Face Of Tyranny: Defiant, Yearning For Freedom”

Vote, Spread and Disrupt are the focal components of the ICONSENSUS P-Rep Campaign: embodying the principles set forth earlier in this article. Voting perpetuates equity, spreading that equity conceives of inclusivity, disruption breeds a new paradigm, a new world, a new dawn of global freedom. Freedom derives its principles by universal representation; where all voices are heard, regardless of race, religion etc, ICON perpetuates this notion of inclusive representative democracy. Democracy must be perfected, transformed, modified for the benefit of the entire populace; ICON, through the decentralization of the network, has the potential to set an unprecedented notion on digital freedom. The ICON Republic, and the governance paradigm within the ICON Ecosystem, are modeled after the democratic republican form of government that exists within the United States. Every community/blockchain is a different state, each represented by their respective elected P-Rep. ICONists, token holders of the ICX coin, no matter the token holding, are able to actively participate in this democratic election, pursuing a vote towards a P-Rep that they see represents the entirety of the ICON Ecosystem and is on par with their own personal idealism. This is ICON, this is the amalgamator of society, the dawn of democratic equity, an ideology that is no longer shackled in chains: Martin Luther King Jr once said “the yearning for freedom eventually manifests itself.” This is ICON, this is a new dawn of perpetual freedom, representation standing in the tunnel of democratic conception.

Conclusion: Freedom Perpetuated: The Conception of A Decentralized ICON

“Freedom Is No Longer In Peril: ICON Is Its Herald”

As The ICONSENSUS P-Rep Campaign draws ever-so-closer, it is incumbent to realize how, over the course of the first half of the year, over 43 candidates have joined this cause of democratic republicanism, putting time, effort and the conception of new content relating to the ICON ecosystem into full swing. Its not a question whether or not ICON is ready for the world, the question is, is the world ready for ICON? The harbinger of democracy, the conception of the global extension of the hand of freedom. A new dawn has approached, a new day has come. We’re ICONists.

To find out more about the ICONSENSUS Campaign, please visit the links below!

Icon.Community: https://icon.community/iconsensus/

Icon P-Rep Candidate Listing Website: https://icon.community/iconsensus/candidates/

Interested in the upcoming ICONSENSUS election? Check out my YouTube channel where I interview P-Reps and discuss their plans for the ICON Ecosystem.


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“Hyperconnect The World” and Expand The Notion Of Democracy!

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