Melewi is looking for an awesome UX/UI designer (part-/full-time)

Rumen Manev
Melewi — Product, Business + Design
5 min readJan 14, 2020


If you’re a UX/UI (product) designer interested in being part of a constantly evolving team, with the freedom to travel and work remotely, keep reading.

“ We don’t believe in being stuck in a boring 9-to-5; clocking in and clocking out. We believe that a job you love is a job worth doing. We work with purpose and meaning — for ourselves, and for our clients. (Also, we really f**king love building kickass products.)”

Melewi is building a team of kickass designers to be based anywhere on the globe (your working time should have an overlap from 2pm — 6pm GMT+8).

We work with exciting startups from around the world and also with international brands like Visa, Samsung and McDonald’s.

We’ll have fun, learn as we go, and create some damn amazing work! This is your opportunity to learn, create, and work towards your big goals, whatever they may be. We give a lot of trust to the right people, and that means you’ll find yourself often in the driver’s seat, helping us steer the company towards greatness.

What does working with us look like?

  • We’re agile & always learning — We toss what doesn’t work and improve what does. We believe that there is no ‘best’, only ‘better’.
  • We’re flat — Communication is open between everyone regardless of position, gender, age or nationality; suggestions for improvement are open to all.
  • We’re ambitious & proactive — We’ve got big dreams, and we work hard and fast (and yes, we break things) to achieve it. Taking initiative is the standard. The business is in everyone’s hands, not just a select few.
  • We’re flexible — While we don’t compromise on the important things (work, culture, attitude, progress), we leave the less important things up to you (like where you want to work from, what you wear, and what times you want to work (with some stipulations)).
  • We’re in this together and most of all, we’re fun! — We’re aligned in our values, vision, and goals and work together as a family. Work takes up too much of your life to not enjoy what you do. While we take our work seriously, lots of laughing can be expected too. ☺

What does the right person look like?

You’ll have prior working experience in UX & UI for products (web apps / mobile apps), as well as the need to be constantly learning and growing. Any basic knowledge of business and/or programming is valuable, and we’re keen to find someone with experience in startups, as well as familiar with lean & agile working methodologies.

You’ll be responsible, proactive, innovative, eager to learn, and meticulous. A good sense of humor is a must. And if you’re the type to bring tasty treats to share, we welcome you with open arms!

This will be an hourly paid job so it is available for part-time or full-time engagement as long as you are able to work on the stipulated overlap hours with the team.

What skills and traits are we looking for?

  • A strong background of at least 2 years in UX and UI design (user research, usability testing, wireframing, visual design, etc.).
  • A thorough understanding of how to design intuitive digital experiences for websites, web apps, mobile apps (site functionality, interaction, site architecture, user interfaces, and navigation).
  • Experienced in how to build an awesome product.
  • Start-up minded.
  • Experience working with lean and agile methodologies, as well as the ability to adapt to various processes (we’re constantly trying to improve our processes and are open to change, so you’d have to be too!).
  • The ability to work on and lead multiple projects, and also to work closely with the team, clients and contractors.
  • Possesses great presentation and communication skills.
  • Takes initiative, and is a self-starter.
  • An awesome attitude + no ego + team-player (no lone wolves).
  • Constantly learning and sharing knowledge + seeks out & appreciates feedback.
  • Proficiency in design and prototyping tools such as Photoshop, Sketch, Balsamiq, Invision, etc.
  • Constantly learning and sharing knowledge + seeks out & appreciates feedback.

Interested? Check out our Melewi values to see more about what we stand for and live by.

Melewi logo

Melewi is a traveling UX UI design studio working with passionate people and companies from around the world.

We live to make users, product and business make sense together. Excellent user experience means thinking hard about how to make your product work so your users don’t have to.

Conference calls with clients located around the world are just another day at the office for us — wherever that may be. We work remotely from San Francisco, Melbourne, UK, Greece, Singapore and anywhere a plane can take us.

Melewi was started by Melissa Ng in 2013. She’s a nomad, entrepreneur, and designer from Singapore, working from wherever the next plane takes her.

We also have on our awesome team:

  • Peach NacionOur COO, and brilliant, sassy & occasionally terrifying mother-of-two,
  • Rumen Manev — Our kickass hustler, marathon runner business development manager,
  • Mary Silvestre — Our music junkie, photography genius and front-end designer/developer,
  • Nasos Kouroupis — Our UX designer and Greek philosopher with a deep passion for musical instruments
  • Rikke Gantzel — Our badass muay-thai practising senior UI designer

Perks of Working at Melewi:

🌍 Work from anywhere ✅

📱 Variety of projects from ecommerce to fintech to A.I. ✅

📈 Develop your UX/UI career ✅

😎 Globally diverse + fun team ✅

🌴 Annual team retreats ✅

How to Apply

Apply by sending us an email at Please include a cover letter, portfolio, your expected hourly rate, résumé as well as a quick video to introduce yourself and tell us why you want to join the team. We’re all really excited to meet you! 🙂

Application will be open until February 14, 2020 and interviews will be scheduled in the last 2 weeks of February.

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