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Hello Music Club, 2020 April

Well, this was a strange month. With social isolation/flattening the curve/baking there seems to be a lot of new things rolling around everyone’s collective heads.

Thankfully, music is always there. Lots of great releases that have made me super happy during these crazy times. Most of these were released in the last month and there was so much good music that it was hard to even whittle this down to just over 4 hours of music.

And then to top it all off, my mate Kasper found some beautiful tunes he had made in March 2010 on the Big Island of Hawaii. They are beautiful and perfectly chill for this time. Check them out here https://soundcloud.com/zsa-zsa-roboto

So that’s April!
Onward from inside, here is April’s Hello Music Club

Childish Gambino

I, like the rest of the world, had no idea this was coming out. I first heard about it because my mate Aaron was talking about how he and the kids had the album on non-stop… then it was taken down. I had missed it I thought. But then!!! It was back and it is great. This is a full album, listen to it all. It ebbs and flows from songs to interludes that bring you from place to place. Really beautiful.

Fiona Apple
Fetch The Bolt Cutters

I had to put this on Hello Music Club this month. If I had not, Tori would have killed me. For the days after this was released, that is all I saw on her insta-story. So I had a listen. I’ve never been a big Fiona Apple fan. I get that she is amazing. I have loved listening to her albums, but I usually can’t get through them all. This is different for me. I really enjoyed this. I think it is also a perfect soundtrack for days in isolation with your lady (or man or cat or dog or Netflix). Gold.

Injury Reserve
Injury Reserve

I have no idea how this came across my desk. It is rad. There is a mix of A Tribe Called Quest mixed with some Del The Funky Homosapien and Run the Jewels and whatever cool shi+ the young kids are listening to yet they have 100% made their own sound. They are just rad.

Miss Anthropocene

I’m torn. Grimes blew my mind when she came out with Oblivion. I remember seeing a dancefloor with every woman in the place swaying and singing every line of Oblivion. I hadn't heard it and it connected with so many people. I found out who it was and ingested her album. This one…it is good, but I really feel like this is Grimes putting all the songs she hasn’t released together on an album… It is good, but doesn't fit together for me.

Christine and the Queens
La Vita Nuova

Elizabeth sent me this. I had heard a little bit about Christine and the Queens but hadn’t ever listened. This record is super rad. Just fun to chill (mostly) with a few bops of dance too. The French music I listen to is usually dancey as fuuuuuu(k, so this was a nice change.

Leon Bridges & Khruangbin
Texas Sun

Ok so every month I have been teasing this EP out because they kept teasing tracks out one by one… but NOW it is here. I don’t need to say anything. Listen to it… fall in love.

Leon Bridges & John Mayer
Inside Friend

Damn you Leon Bridges, how do you make everything amazing. I must say, I am a fan of John Mayer’s guitar work (he plays like Stevie Ray Vaughn but worked out how to make super catchy hooks… don't tell me you don't have the line “Your body is a wonderland” stuck in your head… if you didn't you do now) so adding Leon Bridges voice to John Mayer guitar is fire.

Duck Sauce, A-Track & Armand Van Helden
Captain Duck

Sometimes you just have to dance. This album was pushed to me through an ad on Instagram (yeah I’m the person that listens to ads to see if I like the music) and it was the perfect EP for the day to make me dance.
You are welcome.

Anway — that wraps up April 2020. What a crazy time! I hope you are all staying safe and doing well.

Yours in rock and/or roll




The club none of you asked to be in but you are here anyway! Hello Music Club is a blog where I force my musical finds on the world. It is a mix of genres so there is usually something for everyone.

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