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Hello Music Club, 2020 November

Well, we made it through another month! This playlist was very much needed and I had a grand ole’ time making it. Lots of groove to groove to… it is groovy.

So without further adieu, here is it

Hello Music Club, 2020 November Playlist

Lucky Daye
Painted (Deluxe Version)

I got into this album because of the collaboration Lucky Daye does in our second addition to this month’s Hello Music Club. More on that soon.

Anyway, this album… wow…Painted was released last year and I totally missed it and honestly, if I’d known about it, we could have stopped COVID with beautiful grooves. I am sorry. This re-release/deluxe version is so so so beautiful. You will just melt into the groove and love it.

One of the best things I’ve heard in a while.

Leon Bridges & Lucky Daye
All About You

Well, of course, it was Mr. Bridges. Everything he releases is golden and everyone he works with is gold.

This is the smoothest peanut butter ever released. Lordy… just want to sway. Listen, fall in love.

This is the kind of release I love. Just something that makes you find new rad artists … Leon Bridges seems to be the king of the collaboration… lordy lordy lordy.


This band really tries to make me hate them. With their hip haircuts and their references to Wes Anderson film animals, they are just too damned cool.

But then you listen, and their music is just so good. The drums, the bass, the swagger… oh they have a right to be this cool. Listen and learn how to be damn hell ass cool.

Earl St Clair
1 of Them Days

I’ve been waiting for Earl St Clair to be the soundtrack to every movie ever made. His music is so catchy and still GOLD! This album, like his last, if full of songs that I feel I already know and love. He has a gift.

Mala Rodriguez

Ok so the playlist was getting too chill and nice… needed to inject some saucy gold. This album makes you want to move your hips, even if that is a cliche… Mala really makes you want to move.

Not sure if this was a recommendation from anyone, but thank you!

Xavier Omar
if You Feel

Last year I shared Xavier Omar’s last album. Loved it, super full of gold. This month while I was looking for new albums, he came up as a contributor on NoName’s new album (more shortly).

It made me click on him and realise he has a new album. He is so smooth. This album is pure honey for a snuggle up in the fire session. If you live in a place where fire won’t burn down the entire state.


This album just got me… just got me… from many many years ago it really just is fun, full of gold and really really smart.

Dig this!

Money Up

I feel like I have heard this song for years. It is an instant mind mine caterpillar of doom that makes me walk around the house singing about “Money Up”. Oh yeah and Toro Y Moi is on it too… gold

Black Habits
D Smoke

I’ve been wanting to share this since Feb, but haven’t found the playlist that fits it… well… this is it!

This record is fire.

Karma & Desire

Oh this record… again the collaborations really makes it super gold. This is a great album to end this month on, a bit chill and bit driving and has Sampah on it… which is all you need.

Really enjoy the beats and timing on this album. Super nice

Well, that was November 2020 people! We have one more month of 2020 and then my top 10 will be released…


Yours in rock and/or roll
Waxamillion Dondalinger




The club none of you asked to be in but you are here anyway! Hello Music Club is a blog where I force my musical finds on the world. It is a mix of genres so there is usually something for everyone.

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