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Krystyn Harrison
May 22, 2018 · 4 min read

Prosper is the first interview coaching app that combines 1:1 coaching, bite-sized content, and helpful feedback to level-up your interviewing skills.

Students are scared to graduate.

College is no longer a guarantee of stable employment when fifty-four percent of new graduates will be unemployed within a year of graduation. While unemployment is a reality, there is also underemploymenttwenty-five percent of all minimum wage jobs are held by college graduates. No one goes to college with the dream of becoming a Starbucks barista. The system is broken and with student debt rising by $2,726 per second, there has to be a return on tuition dollars.

Employers are hiring, but many can’t find grads with soft-skills.

One in five employers say they can’t find new grads with the soft skills for the job, such as communication skills. In an increasingly automated world, it’s clear that technical skills alone are not enough to stand out.

RBC recently released a report called Humans Wanted that highlights this gap in ‘soft skills’, like critical thinking and creativity, communication and collaboration. Dave McKay, CEO of RBC, recently called this “a quiet crisis” and is committed to solving this problem by investing $500 million over ten years. At Prosper, we too are ready to step up to solve this problem.

While employers demand them, soft skills are the hard skills for today’s students. For many, it’s more natural to publicly share an Instagram story than it is to pick up the phone and make a cold call. We’ve designed Prosper on top of existing habits (i.e., texting, video, social feedback loops) to help students develop their professional voice.

We built Prosper to help students develop their professional voice.

Our vision: from College 👩‍🎓 to Career 👩‍💼

We think youth unemployment and underemployment should not exist. We’re focused on building a future where it’s easier to make the leap from school to your career — without a network or pedigree. Our part in this future, is to make executive coaching services more accessible through our technology to give students the support they need, when they need it at a price point that is accessible to everyone.

We’re building a future where it’s easier to make the leap from school to your career.

Our long-term vision is to become the global destination for young professionals to develop soft-skills. We envision a world where more people are fulfilled in their work, confident in themselves, and ready to live their best lives while at work and at home.

How we got here

Our founding team formed around one simple idea: to make executive coaching scalable and accessible for young professionals. We wanted to turn the old way of ‘scheduling time with an expert’ to a continuous micro-coaching model where you could get access to a fraction of someone’s time, for a fraction of the cost all from your mobile phone.

We’ve created a coaching platform that combines technology and humanity. The best-of Prosper includes training with an interview coach who will give you feedback, answer questions, and keep you accountable. Prosper’s global community of coaches offers a way for mentors to make a living doing what they love.

One of our coaches, Sim, shares her Prosper story:

“As a full-time recruiter, I always wanted to incorporate career advising into my working life. Prosper gives me the flexibility to do what I love — coach — all from my mobile phone.”

Prosper Is Officially Launched 🚀

Prosper has been in closed beta for the past year. That means job-seekers have designed the experience with us, as we’ve built it. Two releases later, we were ready to say ‘hello world’ on the App Store. Today, you can download Prosper on the App Store.

How it works:

Prosper helps you train for your interview anytime, anywhere. Practice answering common interview questions, get feedback from your coach and track your progress with scored exercises. Plus, you can also chat with a dedicated coach who will hold you accountable and motivate you through your job search.

Download for Free

This is just the beginning. We will continue to evolve the Prosper coaching experience to make it even easier to train for interviews and, eventually, every key moment in your career, like ‘negotiating the raise’ or ‘managing workplace conflict’. Every month, we will be releasing a feature updates and fresh content to continue to design the best tool for young professionals to thrive.

Join us!


Founder & CEO
Hello Prosper Inc.

Hello Prosper

The Prosper Blog - realize your Potential. Content and community designed to level-up your career. Founded the team at Prosper HQ.

Krystyn Harrison

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Founder and CEO at Prosper ( I care about helping young people realize their potential. Designing a life I love 🐶👫✈️

Hello Prosper

The Prosper Blog - realize your Potential. Content and community designed to level-up your career. Founded the team at Prosper HQ.

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