Hello from Charlie — HelloSelf Founder

Firstly… Welcome to HelloSelf.

As our first blog post I wanted to introduce myself and give you a little bit of context about why we set up HelloSelf.

In 2011 I woke from a coma after a brain haemorrhage. Overnight I went from a high flying ad exec to someone sponge bathed by their mum and wife. I was the extremely lucky one. I recovered… but during the months in bed I spent a lot of time thinking about what was important to me. I basically wrote down my life philosophy (I paraphrase as I was quite ill at the time):

“We each only have so much energy but we use it unthinkingly. I am going to invest my energy consciously and equally into only 3 three things:

  1. Making sure I’m happy and healthy — If I am well I can be helpful… if I am not I am a burden.
  2. The people that I love — family and close friends have got me through so much and I want to be there for them… always.
  3. Doing something that would change the world before I die — I believe in mission driven businesses as the fastest and most efficient route to delivering that change.”

Since I wrote this down I have been ruthless in only investing energy in these three things. I also remain conscious of keeping these three things balanced equally.

So… how have I done? Well my school report would give me a ‘B minus — could do better’.

I look after my health, I keep pretty fit and I run a long way — but I know I have so much more potential if I could only focus more on being my best self… I am a work in progress.

On the people I love — I’ve had 2 kids… and as any parent will tell you… they change your world. I hope I give them even half the joy they give me. But I certainly could be a better friend, partner, brother and son.

On my mission to create a world changing company — I have spent the last 5 years at JustGiving helping raise over £4bn for charities in the UK. I am not only proud of what we achieved but I have learnt so much about how it’s not just what you do it’s how you do it.

So how do I change my B minus into an A plus?

It’s time to try and start something amazing.

HelloSelf brings together the world of Technology, Neuroscience and Psychology to try and help people not just understand who they are and what they are capable of… but to unlock the science of Self and use it to help ever person on this planet be the best version of their Self they can be.

I have the pleasure of working with some brilliant people from all phases of my life: colleagues, friends, doctors, advisors, bosses. Thank you all.

I believe if we were all 1% better version of ourselves, we would be better fathers, neighbours, friends, leaders, allies… humans… and I hope the impact of that could be world changing.

Thank you for being part of HelloSelf.