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Montana Lower‘s relationship with alcohol

We chat to Hello Sunday Morning supporter and social influencer, Montana Lower, about the drinking culture, loving your surroundings and what to do when the world is too much.

Montana came across Hello Sunday Morning and felt drawn to the movement, especially as a brand with a significant social media presence that’s used for positive social change rather than just self-promotion.

“The drinking culture is huge in Australia, and Hello Sunday Morning wouldn’t exist if it weren’t. It has been something that is really present in my life and I’ve seen a lot of people that I love being swept up in that culture.
When people usually address these problems, it’s kind of deep and sad and evokes negative feelings, whereas Hello Sunday Morning promotes the issue in a positive light and puts a positive spin on it, and focuses on what there is to look forward to, rather than dwell on the effects of alcohol and what happens when it is around.”

When we spoke to Montana, she was just about to graduate from her Civil & Environmental Engineering Degree. She was modelling on the side, going full-speed for the past five years and looking forward to spending the summer relaxing at her home in Australia’s beautiful Byron Bay.

“I’m looking forward to sitting back and seeing what Montana actually likes to do, not doing what Montana is told she should do.”

Montana works in a current industry where partying and drinking/drugs are portrayed as glamorous, with fashion shows, event launches and beautiful people. However, the beachy brands she shoots with don’t resonate with this lifestyle at all and Montana tells us how the industry has changed.

“For the people that I’m around, drinking is not even a thing. This rock and roll culture we see on old Andy Warhol movies and the Kate Moss days, it’s not really like that anymore.”
“When I’m catching up with my girlfriends, I’m never like, ‘yeah, let’s go and get drunk!’ We usually want to go to the beach or talk about books we are reading. I think the modelling culture and how it’s perceived in an old-fashioned way is not at all how it is.”

Montana says the best thing about launches is the free food, disputing the idea that models don’t eat.

“A lot of models often eat whatever they want. You’ll find me hanging by the snack table at most events, not the bar.”

Montana says she avoids being overwhelmed from everything that’s going on by spending time in nature as a reminder to get outside and be around the raw environment, gaining new perspective and practicing mindfulness.

“You sit there for a while and at first you’re like, ‘the air is clean, that’s good, I feel good, it’s not busy, I can’t hear anything’. Then, you start to notice the new little leaves coming through and you notice all the creatures around and all the creatures have their own little universes and they don’t care about exams or social responsibilities or any of that.”

She admits the last thing she would do is to drink when she is busy and stressed, as that would add to it all with a headache and a hangover.

Montana reflected that a good relationship with alcohol is to be at peace with the reason why you’re drinking and to acknowledge it for what it is.

On a Friday night you’ll usually find Montana setting up a fire at her house and sitting around it with friends.

“We go out and stuff; sometimes I’ll have one or two drinks, but we live out of town so that means someone’s got to drive in and drive out and we never have to stress about it. It always just works out. The reason we go out is because we all love dancing so much. But we kind of just do that everywhere.”
“I don’t think it’s wrong to drink and I would only drink once a month, if that. It’s about acknowledging, ‘okay, am I drinking because I am suffering social anxiety?’ If so, how can I address the problem? Or, ‘am I drinking because I want to forget something?’ And asking yourself, okay, how do I deal with that problem?”

She says it is about looking to the problem for a long-term solution, not a numbing solution.

“It gets messy when you drink and you try to escape from something and you’re not actually dealing with the problem that’s there that you are trying to avoid. So having a good relationship with alcohol is knowing why. Are you drinking to have fun or to chill or because you like the taste? “

Come on down to see Montana boogying with Hello Sunday Morning at our Byron Bay Dance Party! Check out the event page for more details