Field Service Solutions: The Best Mobile Devices for Your Field Service Management Team

It’s no news that mobile is a trend that is here to stay, particularty for Field Service companies. But when it comes to taking your team mobile, many factors influence the types of devices that you’ll purchase. Careful consideration before you buy mobile devices for your field service management team will ensure that you choose the device that really meets your team’s needs.

Choosing a Device

How is your team going to use mobile devices? If the answer is mostly communication — sending emails, making calls — smartphones may be the best option. However, if your team needs access to specific, detailed work information, the larger screen of a tablet may be more suited to their needs. No matter the type of device you choose for your field service solutions, you should also consider the environment in which the device will be used. If your team works in a harsh environment where weather or use will cause wear and tear, be sure to choose rugged devices for their durability.

Before you choose a smartphone or tablet for your team, think about the current systems you have in place. Existing work platforms and systems may affect the operating system you choose in your mobile device, too, since compatibility, security, and usability could present issues for your team

Choosing Software

GPS real time tracking is probably one of your top reasons for purchasing mobile devices. The strength and quality of the GPS software you use will directly influence your field service tracking and employee GPS tracking capabilities. Obviously, the mobile field service solutions that you choose should allow your employees to do their jobs using their devices in the field. This means they should be able to check schedules, view job details, update and change their job information, and capture any data necessary for each job. Ensure that the software you choose provides these capabilities, and any others specific to the needs of your organization.

Best Mobile Devices for Field Service Solutions

While there are many options to choose from, here is a brief list of some of the best mobile devices for your field service solutions needs. Use this list as a starting point as you consider the mobile device that best meets your needs.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active
Xperia Z2

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active is a rugged, durable tablet with a 10-hour battery life and slim, lightweight design. This tablet can withstand anything your employees can throw at it, so if you don’t want to replace broken or damaged mobile devices, this tablet is for you.

The Xperia Z2 is an LTE smartphone that’s about as waterproof as they come. This smartphone is a great solution for teams looking for a lightweight smartphone device with long battery life, lightning fast speeds, and extreme water resistance.

Finally, the Moto E (2nd Gen) and our personal favorite! Motoe E continues the legacy of a lag-free Android system. This devices has a very optimal battery life and a powerful GPS for an amazing price.