How to Keep a Field Service Team Engaged and Motivated

With so many different field service companies needing logistics help, tracking information and distribution channel understanding, the needed support of field service managers to motivate and engage their teams is very important. A basic understanding of each individual intrinsic and extrinsic motivator will help immensely for these leaders.

For team field service leaders a complete understanding of who is providing to their customers and their need to deliver quality products and services timely and with knowledge is key to the success of the business. By understanding what types of motivators will engage them will help the overall field service dynamics and deliver the most profound ways to motivate and engage each individual involved in the field service team.

Field service techs have an ever-changing business environment, and the team leaders need to keep this in mind. By getting into the daily grind may help one see into the techs struggles, customer service performance and see how the field service environment actually is treating their techs and what they may be facing daily.

Go Deep

For field service team leaders, a need to dive deeper into what motivates and helps engage each individual involved will help make them a better leader. Understanding their team and having a connection with them will help build a team that is respectful and fully capable of getting the job done.

Understand what drives each person on the team to do what it is they are doing on a daily basis. Humanize your teammates and gain a personal understanding of what it is they enjoy about their jobs. Most people, of course, are driven to work for the money, but most humans need other motivators the keep them engaged.

Get Out There

Field service is all about being social on a daily basis, and the environment is seemingly unstable and ever changing. If you, as the leader, sit in a comfy office and only drive your team from afar, you will not succeed in motivating and engaging them.

A field service team leader needs to once in a while get down to the nitty-gritty and get out there and do what your techs are doing every day. You will gain a better understanding of their challenges and may even see possibilities to make their jobs easier and more efficient. They will know you care about them and will be more susceptible to your feedback and leadership style.

When a team leader of field service techs the need to understand each person on an individual basis is key to help keep the entire team motivated and engaged. Do not simply lead from a distance, but get out there with them and let them know you care and respect their duties. Create a learning environment where each person has a say and teach respect and drive the team to success.

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