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What are Tech Recruiters Seeking When Recruiting Qualified Developers?

For many businesses, the biggest challenge has been finding and recruiting qualified tech specialists. Although there is no denying that these people have been in high demand for years, the pandemic has accelerated the need for various talents in the sphere. As specialists are in high demand, there is a vicious circle — more than 61% of HR professionals struggle with recruiting qualified developers. However, there are ways how this statistic can be improved.

Developers are in a seller’s market

Businesses are racing to hire the best talent. Recruiters are tasked with kickstarting developer hiring, whether through coaxing fresh graduates, hosting coding boot camps, or poaching those with desirable experience. Despite this, it is currently a “seller’s market” in the tech world, where developers have the opportunity to be picky about which company suits them best.

Even though there are plenty of programmers available in the market, there is still a lack of qualified senior developers. Businesses have previously attracted senior specialists by offering them higher pay than rival companies and trying to create a cozy atmosphere in the office with snacks and an occasional ping pong table or the like. In the post-pandemic market, this is not enough anymore.

The new age of working in the tech world

Since a high paycheck, cozy atmosphere, and promise of a great experience are not the primary factors that senior developers seek, businesses have had to develop new approaches for topping their competitors. As the pandemic has forced businesses to digitize their work, automate and get online, the keywords are now



and self-development.

These ideas have helped shape new methods to improve business performance, which is done through employee empowerment, removing friction points, and creating the right environment for developers to innovate. These are the factors that job seekers are looking for, and genuinely evolving businesses are ready to offer.

Soft skills are now a must

Although senior specialists with different skill sets are being chased all over the market, recruiters are still putting a lot of effort into choosing the best talent. It is a misconception that the only criteria for getting to be chosen are whether you are design savvy, experienced programmer, or have some other differentiating technical skillset.

‘The most sought competences among tech specialists are soft skills. Recruiters today are looking for high performers who have excellent communication skills and are good leaders and creative problem solvers, which has allowed junior specialists to shine. Although, for both junior and senior specialists, this still means that obligatory requirements need to be filled.

A Professional Development Roadmap nurtures talent

Since the IT industry generally suffers from a lack of lavish resources, businesses seek new methods to maximize a developer’s talent and offer senior specialists something that cannot be replaced. This something is a sense of belonging.

A software development nearshore company Helmes has implemented a Professional Development Roadmap for every software specialist to support the professional development of every employee. As an employees’ competence is the most significant resource for Helmes, this method helps nurture potential talent much faster.

The Roadmap enables an employee to understand better what competencies they already have and what competencies they should obtain. The path towards obtaining those new competencies is also developed. This way, both the business and the employee get to be on the same page regarding strengths and weaknesses while also curating important milestones that need to be reached for growth throughout the year.

Using a Roadmap helps the employee feel that their development is essential to the firm, which means there is a bigger chance that the talent is promoting the business. When a business has an excellent reputation, it is much easier to attract great people to the team. This method is pretty unique at the moment in the tech industry, but it is an important step forward in work culture.

How do you find out the competences of your talent?

Helmes has inserted significant energy into testing potential candidates and finding their biggest assets. Understanding your potential employees is extremely important; it allows the company to fit the talent for the best possible position where they can grow and work most efficiently. To discover the best qualities in a candidate, Helmes has created a system that supports talent recruiting and gives the candidate a good overview of whether the tasks are a good fit for them or not.

These steps include:

  • An interview with Human Resources;
  • An interview with the direct manager;
  • A technical test assignment;
  • A technical interview;
  • A meeting with the team

The process above has been highly praised as it makes the recruiting process more candidate-friendly and gives them the answers they need.

We can all agree that a new era in the world of work has begun. Although it is hard to speculate how businesses manage to tackle the new landscape, we can all acknowledge the need for change. Luckily a start has been made.



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