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5 Apps That Increase Productivity of Entrepreneurs

If you’re stuck at home in quarantine during this pandemic then it’s the perfect time to use some great apps to improve productivity, happiness, and health.

These are five apps that help me be productive and stay productive. It can be a battle right now to get or stay productive.

For me, business is down so I could play video games or binge watch Netflix all day every day and not lose any money. The issue with that is that I could be doing plenty of other things to help grow my business. Things like creating videos, writing articles, being active on Instagram, staying in touch with clients, and creating graphics for social media.

Productivity isn’t always about just making money but doing extra work and staying on the right path so you can make more money later.

Let’s talk apps!

1. Notion

Notion is THE app. It’s the backbone of my productivity on a daily basis.

It’s free as long as you don’t use it for everything in life like I do. You can make 1,000 edits a month and they’re tracked daily.

Since I run a business I put a lot of things on my calendar daily. Usually between 5–10 things a day which adds up fast. Not to mention making notes constantly, editing content plans, video scripts, and a ton of other things.

If you’re not doing all that, at least for the time being, then you can get Notion for FREE and start using it immediately

Even in my case, it’s only $7 a month. If you have a team of people it costs more but it’s still pretty reasonable.

Things you can do in Notion

  • Schedule things daily on weekly or monthly calendars
  • Set and track goals
  • Track personal things (goals, travel plans, recipes, movies to watch, anything really)
  • To-do lists
  • To-do lists with pages (I’ll explain more, hold up)
  • Create a page to hold all your links (like Pocket)

It can pretty much do anything. You can even build your own things out so they work for you.

Here’s an example of the todo list with pages.

To-do with embedded pages

This is my content plan for my YouTube channel. As you can see, all of the items in the “To-Do’s” and “Doing” section are underlined and have emojis. They’re each link to individual pages that I use for notes.

embedded page on Notion

If you click on one of them you’ll see my script then there’s another link on each of these pages that links to the metadata for when I upload the video to YouTube.

Embedded page within an embedded page

This is an easy way to set up and organize everything you’re doing. I love Notion and I highly suggest it to anyone who likes staying productive.

Later’s scheduling dashboard

2. Later

I run a lot of things right now and one of my most recent endeavors is social media. I use Later for all my posts. Specifically sharing information on Instagram through graphics.

I use Later to schedule my posts a week in advance. In fact, today (Sunday) is the day I create all my posts for the week on Instagram and schedule each of them.

Batch producing content is great because it lets you get in the “zone” and just pump it out instead of doing one a day. It saves time and reduces stress around content creation.

If you do videos I’d also suggest batch producing. I usually record 2–4 videos a week and all of them are on the same day. I bring different sets of clothes to change into to simulate the passage of time in each video.

Later lets you

  • schedule posts to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Caption those posts
  • Add hashtags
  • Create sharable links
  • suggested hashtags
  • Edit graphics and content
  • More

It does all of this for FREE! That’s pretty nice, right?

Later has paid options also but to start the free version is more than enough.

It’s worth it and it can be great for your productivity.

3. Adobe Spark Post & Video

Adobe Spark is amazing at saving time and making creating breathtaking graphics easily. There is a free version for Spark. It’s not as robust as the paid version. The paid version is actually only $9.99 a month so it’s a worthwhile investment. Here are a few examples of the graphics I’ve created so far using Adobe Spark for my brand.

Instagram content
Instagram stories
YouTube Thumbnails

I’ve been playing with different thumbnail ideas recently. This is for an article that comes out this week.

Helms Media discount graphic

I made all of these in between 10–20 minutes each. They look great and get the job done.

Adobe Spark saves me so much time and I love the graphics they create. Mine may not be as good as an actual graphic designer but it’s pretty great compared to what I can do at the same time in Photoshop.

4. Habit

While I don’t have a link to this one you should be able to find it pretty quickly with a search on the app store for iPhone or Android.

They say creating a habit takes 21 days of repetition to master. Habit is a tracking app for people who want to incorporate new habits to their lives.

It’s a simple app but it helps you track and build habits. These habits can be anything you’d like them to be. You can even color-code them.

It’s an incredibly simple app but it keeps you.

I use this app to form habits on things that I’m not very good or consistent at.

Here’s my habit app in full

  • Log Food in Yazio (I’m trying to gain weight and eat clean foods)
  • Workout (create muscle out of that gained weight and stay healthy)
  • Wake up early. At 8:00 AM or before (I’ve been terrible at this since the pandemic)
  • Brush teeth morning (right after I wake up if I brush my teeth it helps me wake up faster I’ve found)
  • Chinese Lessons (I’ve been trying to learn Chinese)
  • Tell my Mom I love her (It makes my mom’s day better and I love my mon)
  • Reflecty (Journaling app I try to write in daily)
  • Brush Teeth Night (I always try to brush my teeth twice a day)
  • Wear retainers (Keep my teeth straight)
  • Take Luna (my dog) for a walk (At least 3 times a week)
  • Shave my head (don’t let it get too scraggly) (3 times a week)
  • Trim facial hair (3 times a week)
  • Clean my house (Once a week)

Hopefully, that breakdown gives you a better idea of how I use the Habit app. I think the app was something like $6 for life or a year. Either way, it’s well worth it if you think it’s something that can keep you productive throughout your days in quarantine as well as after!

5. Yazio

Yazio is the only food tracker app that I’ve had any luck with. I’m the worst when it comes to logging what I’ve eaten, drank, and my weight. They suggest only clean meals for you to eat. The app also tracks your water intake for the day to make sure you’re drinking enough.

Something I’ve been trying out recently with Yazio is the fasting feature. This lets you set up your fast to gain weight or lose weight. I do a 16:8 fast which means I only eat 8 hours out of the day. I skip breakfast and eat at noon.

It’s proven that when you eat healthier foods, get your suggested water intake for the day, and workout you’ll be more focused throughout your day.

Since using Yazio I’ve become a lot more focused on work. I’m also able to cook some really tasty foods now that I never even knew existed before.

They also have a coaching tab that lets you join certain courses. These courses are designed to help your eating and health in one way or another. I’m in a course right now for meal prep since I only eat one meal at home then the second meal I typically eat at my office.

These meal preps cover a wide variety of niches.

  • 16:8 fasting tailored to my 3,000 calorie intake lifestyle (to gain weight)
  • Meal plans for 2 weeks in advance to help with breathing, immune system, and cell health (to fight the pandemic)
  • Meal prep to take to your office or work
  • 28-day slim down challenge
  • The low carb 28-week challenge
  • Keta challenges
  • Vegan challenge (7-day trial to see what being vegan is like)
  • No meat
  • & tons more

This is, in my opinion, the best app out there for tracking meals, eating habits, all that stuff. It’s incredible and I love it.

Wrapping It Up

Everyone has their phones and everyone is in quarantine. We might as well make the most of it and use our phones to stay productive in quarantine, right?

I think so. These five apps have saved me so much time, made me more focused, and healthier than I’ve ever been. I hope you will check them all out for yourselves.

What apps do you use to stay productive or help your focus?

Helms Media

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Christian Helms ❤️

Written by

Knowledge is everything. Software Engineer, Coach, Writer. Helms Media Founder. Much love.

Helms Media

All things marketing in once place. We have everything from guides to motivation to news. Marketing topics include SEO, copywrite, web development, eCommerce, content creation, social media management, and more.

Christian Helms ❤️

Written by

Knowledge is everything. Software Engineer, Coach, Writer. Helms Media Founder. Much love.

Helms Media

All things marketing in once place. We have everything from guides to motivation to news. Marketing topics include SEO, copywrite, web development, eCommerce, content creation, social media management, and more.

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