Dean McCann
Jan 2, 2018 · 3 min read

We are living in times of unprecedented change, where customer data is set to become the life-blood of the organisation and transparency will be fundamental to building trust with consumers.

The public have lost trust in the establishment. Now more than ever, organisations need to rethink the role they play and the meaning they have in peoples lives. They must gain trust with customers.

With the continued revolution in online and mobile technologies, and the rise of an increasingly on-demand society, organisations can no longer look to the past, but must instead create a new outlook for the future. One that focuses on convenience and the ability to manage and exceed customer expectation at scale.

It’s time for brands to become more transparent with their customers on social media

2015 I’m working for Sky in their Insight & Decision Science Team. I’m responsible for leading the operational development and delivery of Sky’s consumer insight, analysis and reporting platforms to help key stakeholders and decision makers better understand customers.

Believe in Better

After spending my days reading and managing thousands of consumer insights, and using a suite of overly complex analytics tools and reports, I decide to take matters into my own hands and build a new type of analytics and insights platform. One that requires little setup, that I can easily use and understand myself, based on the foundations of; transparency, competition and storytelling.

2016In a short amount of time, this transparent approach to social data and storytelling takes me from the UK to San Francisco, and suddenly our insights are being shared widely by leading customer first CEO’s and senior executives within global U.S and U.K based companies.

John Legere, CEO, T-Mobile US
Callie Field, Executive Vice President of Customer Care, T-Mobile US

2017We accept a number of customer first brands onto HelpHandles™ and start working with a select number of strategic partners who share our values of; trust, transparency and competition.

Bian Salins, Head of Social Media at TSB Bank
Chad Israel, Director of Social Media, Hertz Global
Jayesh Patel, Vice President Customer Insights & Analytics, Hertz Global

2018Our vision and mission at HelpHandles™ continues; to democratize access to social customer service data and insight for the benefit of brands and their customers.

We pledge to put customers at the heart of everything we do and to do the right thing in the decisions we make, to help companies build trust, exceed expectations, and to compete on experience in today’s increasingly competitive, and shifting consumer landscape.

Are you interested in improving customer experience, building trust with your customers and gaining competitive advantage? Get in-touch to discuss how you can become truly customer first with our market leading social customer service intelligence and branding solutions.

Dean McCann
Founder & CEO of HelpHandles™

HelpHandles™ Insight Series

Social Customer Service Insights from the Team at HelpHandles™

Dean McCann

Written by

Democratizing access to social customer service data and insight. Founder of HelpHandles™

HelpHandles™ Insight Series

Social Customer Service Insights from the Team at HelpHandles™

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