How we’re improving customer experience on Twitter

Dean McCann
Nov 7, 2017 · 5 min read

Since we launched HelpHandles™ we have noticed a growing number of companies using their Twitter profiles to differentiate themselves and compete on experience across the platform.

After some research we grouped these into three common themes.

1. Support Team Profiles

Some companies humanise the experience for customers by updating their profile header with support team photos and information.

@HomeServeHelps Customer Support Team

2. Support Team Availability

Some companies update their profiles with the availability of their support team, either on a 24/7 basis or over weekday (Monday to Friday) and weekend (Saturday to Sunday) hours.

@fiatcares Support Team Availability

Twitter also provide companies providing support with a ‘Most Responsive’ indicator.

For example, if we tweet to or message @fiatcares to arrange a car service, we can see they are staffed Monday to Friday 7:30am till 5:30pm EST, and they are most responsive between the hours of 12.30 and 22.30 GMT.

All of this is great but is this information really helpful for customers?

If we tweet to or message a company providing support on Twitter, we still have no idea how long it will take for them to respond, will we be waiting 2 mins, 2 hours or 2 days for a response?

3. Responsiveness

Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) seem to have got the idea, their innovative use of expected reply times in the header of their Twitter profile is useful, but feels much like they’ve had to hack a solution together to get this in place.

@KLM Expected Reply Time on Twitter

It’s great to see companies innovating and creatively using their Twitter profiles to improve customer experience, however, these use cases are not fully supported or being recognised on the platform itself.

Companies are hacking their public profiles to try and improve the experience for their customers.

A better way

In today’s busy, on-demand world, companies need to create a new outlook for the future, gain consumer trust and provide better experiences.

Today’s customers want everything immediately, and companies that can’t offer that run the risk of losing customers.

The aviation industry are no strangers to the importance of customer experience.

With tighter restrictions being applied at many EU airports for security checks, holiday makers face longer and longer delays when travelling out of the country.

One example of how airports are tackling this is by implementing display screens with Average Security Wait Times to help keep passengers informed and manage their expectations for when they arrive at security.

The Average Security Wait Time at @LDNLutonAirport, UK

Popular blogging platforms have also recognised the importance of managing the expectations of their users. Medium provide their readers with estimated read times on all stories published to the platform.

Medium clearly value their users time, and by providing this information, shows that they respect their users and empower them to make their own decisions on how they will spend their time consuming content on the platform.

Estimated Read Time on

Our Solution

It’s time for brands to become more transparent with customers on social media.

Today, we are excited to announce a suite of new features on HelpHandles™ that help companies manage their customers expectations and provide a better customer experience from their own dedicated and accessible public HelpHandles™ profile.

HelpHandles™ Public Profile Settings

HelpHandles™ statusPage Settings

Support Team Profiles

Add some personality to your public profile on HelpHandles™ by adding team profiles. Upload a photo and something interesting about your team members.

Automated / Manual Response Times

Easily switch between our automated response or manual response times to manage customer’s expectations during peak/off peak hours over Twitter.

Manual Public Response Time

24/7 Support

Switch on 24/7 availability with a single click of a button to notify your customers you’re ready to support them around the clock.

24/7 support

Operational Hours & Timezone

Not able to provide 24/7 support just yet? No problem, add your support teams operational hours over Monday to Friday and Saturday and Sunday and let your customers know exactly when you are available.

Operational hours and availability
HelpHandles™ statusPage

These settings are available for paid activated company statusPages on

If you would like more information on how you can use HelpHandles™ to improve customer experience, build trust with your customers and gain competitive advantage, please contact us directly on the details below.

Dean McCann
Founder & CEO of

HelpHandles™ Insight Series

Social Customer Service Insights from the Team at HelpHandles™

Dean McCann

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Democratizing access to social customer service data and insight. Founder of HelpHandles™

HelpHandles™ Insight Series

Social Customer Service Insights from the Team at HelpHandles™

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