Filtering your Google search results by default

My first post here on Medium will be a bit of a trial for me. Hopefully someone out there finds my “trial” useful at some point.

Working in DevOps, or equally so in any other tech role I guess, I’m always Googling errors, looking for example code snippets or hunting down documentation for specific versions of tools I’m using and so on..

With a passion, I hate this so, so very much:

Granted, that search is terrible but the top post being from 2011 is rarely helpful. It bugged the hell out of me that I couldn’t set Googles search defaults to only show results from the past year.

Until I stumbled across a post by a most saintly fellow, one marty here at The Flex Guy:

I’ll repost it here because I always die a little inside when I find the answer to my question described only to find the link to my answer is 404!

I might circle back around and add the same for Firefox a bit later..


Go to Chrome Settings:

Go to Manage search engines and in that bottom section “Other search engines”, create a new entry…

…with the following in the three fields:

Add a new search engine: Google Year (this can be whatever you like)


URL with %s:

Then click Make default and you are off and running with newer search results:

Such a small thing but in the last 24 hours I’ve noticed a big improvement in my search results a half dozen times.

Happy Googling!

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