Help stop exchanges getting hacked

In the Crypto world, we know exchanges get hacked. In the last year alone, over 5 exchanges have fallen victim to attacks with more than $50+ million being lost. Recently we discovered that Cryptopia, one of the oldest and largest crypto exchanges by number of coins, has fallen victim to what appears to be a breach of the main ETH wallet and some token wallets, initial reports are the ETH alone was worth more than $2.5+ million. These events send the wrong signals about the industry and the overall health of the ecosystem.

They imply that the crypto industry is failing, and that people can’t trust holding their assets in crypto. The fact that exchanges getting hacked is a normal occurrence is alarming; we talk about how we dislike banks and that crypto will replace banks. But how much better are we if as many if not more crypto exchanges are hacked as compared to banks? It’s not enough to simply blame people for not holding onto their own private keys or for not withdrawing into cold wallets. This is a problem that can be mitigated, and at Crypto Launchpad we want to use our skillset to change the status quo and prevent these hacks from happening.

Crypto Launchpad exists to support this industry; to preserve and protect the investors in our ecosystem that provide the capital to change the world. We fail at doing that if we can’t stop our exchanges and projects being hacked.

To support the ecosystem in this difficult time we’re going to be reducing our pricing on security penetration testing and exchange hacking services to as low as possible. This will be available to any exchange and project in this ecosystem that wants to improve its resilience and security. We also will offer a retainer service for any crypto project or exchange to keep us testing security on a monthly basis, as well as testing periodically for new hacks and updates to hacks that are released. We will do this at the lowest cost we can also.

We will keep a list of all these projects and exchanges and share them on our website so the market can see who is proactively making changes to keep investor funds safe. To lead this charge, we have a world-leading security team, some of whom are ranked in the top 10 globally for white hat hacking. The team will be on 24-hour standby and will provide security policy support to any organization that wants to upgrade its processes and security.

If you know or are a crypto exchange or project that needs help sign up on this link or email us at

Let’s make crypto safer together. From the team at Crypto Launchpad HODL SAFE.



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