Finding A Niche In A Crowded Market: What Works For Photographer Janeris Marte

The Nitty-Gritty

  • How Janeris Marte transformed her photography business when she went from a jack of all trades to specializing in adoptive families
  • The simple strategy Janeris uses to connect with prospects
  • How she designed photography packages that perfectly align with her clients’ unique needs
  • Why finding her niche not only made it easier to market herself but made it more efficient to run her business, too

Could your target market use a cleanup?

There’s a reason that every marketing class you’ve ever taken or any business coach you’ve ever worked with has asked you to start by defining who your customer is.

And that reason is simply that most beginner business owners — and even plenty who should know better — end up trying to be everything to everybody.

And, of course they do! It seems like it would be so much easier to make a product that everybody wants to buy. It seems like it would be so much more effective to create marketing that resonates with everyone.

But… in the end, when you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one.

When you’re creating for everyone, you’re creating for no one.

We’ve been talking about decluttering your business this month.

So far, we’ve tackled streamlining your business model, limiting your working hours, and focusing only on the work that truly lights you up. Plus, you’ve heard how members of The What Works Network have created more results with less work in a variety of ways.

This week, we’re going to look at decluttering your customers.

Now, a serious note: I’m not at all suggesting anyone you work with or create for is clutter!

But… I am suggesting that there’s a good chance you’re not as clear on who you serve and why you serve them as you could be.

Case in point: Janeris Marte had been a photographer for 18 years with limited success. She was a self-described jack of all trades.

Then, she realized she had an opportunity.

She could specialize in photography for adoptive families.

Instead of creating portraits of anyone who popped into her inbox, she could focus on connecting with a community of people she knew well with a service that could transform their families.

In this interview, you’ll hear how Janeris decided to focus on adoptive families, how she connects with new clients, and the specialized packages she’s able to offer because of her niche.

But I also really want you to pay attention to how Janeris describes the impact this focus has had on her business operations and client experience, too. She wasn’t only able to clean up the way she markets herself as a photographer, she was able to become much more efficient at the way she communicates with clients and delivers her services, too.

Has your business gone from a jack of all trades to a highly specialized venture?

I’d love to hear your story. Share what works for you on Instagram using the hashtag #explorewhatworks and tag me, @tara_mcmullin. We just might feature your story!