Announcing Scyllabackup and Spongeblob

Ayush Goyal
1 min readSep 14, 2018


Production Engineering team at Helpshift strongly believes in standing on the shoulders of giants. We leverage tonnes of open source software on a daily basis. Open Source gives us great momentum to build our platform, and modify software to suit our requirements. Today, we are excited to announce immediate availability of two new shiny projects.

Scyllabackup is a cli tool written for taking ScyllaDB backups. It can take ScyllaDB snapshot and upload it to cloud storage with a single command. It also supports operations to cleanup old snapshots (for data compliance like GDPR and others) and to automate restores.

Under the hood, Scyllabackup utilizes spongeblob, an interface library for various cloud storages. Currently, spongeblob supports operations for AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage (WABS), but is extensible to support other blob storage providers.

We have ScyllaDB production servers running in both AWS and Azure cloud. Scyllabackup allows us to take frequent backups in the blob storage of each of these cloud platform.

Both these projects are written in python and are available via PyPI. Source Code is available on github, released under the MIT License.