My Experience joining as a Fresher in Android Team at Helpshift

Tanuj Soni
Sep 28 · 3 min read

Fun Fact — I am from Mechanical Background, got placed in a Software Product company 😅.

19th February 2021 — I was offered a Full-Time Software Engineer role at Helpshift, I was on top of the world 🕺.

Before Helpshift, I faced many rejections only because I belonged to Mechanical background 😞. Thankfully, Helpshift didn’t judge me based on my branch 😃.

From the very first day, Helpshift has impressed me a lot, they wrapped up the whole placement process in 2 days and rolled out the final offer right after the final round.

Now begins my Pre Joining Onboarding 💻

  • Helpshift told me that I would be joining as an Android Developer in the Consumer Experience team, (I had Zero Knowledge of Android Development).
  • They assigned me with a Buddy, who guided me on what Helpshift was at a high level, and did a walkthrough of the product. Then they suggested me to get familiar with Android Development before joining.
  • They made sure that I do not face any issues learning Android by scheduling regular sync-ups and made me fit for the Industry-level Android Development.
  • I was also given some assignments like to develop a basic Movie App with some functionalities. Here is the GitHub repo, MovieApp.

1st July 2021 — My First day at my first Job 😍

  • We were welcomed with this amazing kit to kick-start the wonderful journey at Helpshift.

I was amazed by such heavily scheduled yet so smooth onboarding sessions that it never felt overwhelming.

The first month was full of onboarding sessions, including sessions on writing clean code, managing time, understanding the product deeply and architecture review of Helpshift. Everyone made sure that the information provided was not intimidating, and we understood every concept clearly.

The culture here is so good, people are always ready to help you out, even with the smallest of things. I have learned so much in these three months, I can never be more thankful to them.

Every day, in the end, we have a Chai-Time ☕️ call of about 25–30 minutes where we talk about random things and funny experiences. Every so often it becomes so interesting that it lasts more than an hour. This really works as a great stress buster.

In these tough times when in-person interaction is almost zero, Helpshift’s team has managed to smoothly onboard us and provided us with work from home setup to make sure we don’t lose on our productivity.

For interaction with different teams, we play inter-team games and have regular meetings so that we feel involved and connected with people. Really excited to join them in the office and have more fun.

I was never pressurized to working on a feature directly, I was given small tasks to work on so that I could get a clear understanding of the codebase and how things work under the hood.

These small things really matter in the beginning, as now I am pretty much confident in Android than I was earlier. All thanks to my team and especially my manager who focused more on my learning.

I have never felt bored here, as every next day here comes with a different challenge/learning. It’s been only three months here, and I can confidently say that I am at the best place to work. People here made me a better person and a better Software Engineer overall.

Thank You for Reading. Have a Nice day 😃.