Be Covered like a Global Citizen: Why You Should Get Travel Insurance

Any avid globetrotter will tell you that travel is the most valuable thing you can purchase. Whether it’s personal growth, learning about another culture or just a desire to explore- travel is an investment in you. However, to truly make the most out of any excursion, you want to travel smart. That’s why HelpStay has partnered with World Nomads to make sure our Helpers and travelers alike are protected on their next adventure.

Why Should I Buy Travel Insurance?
Whether it’s you, your friends or your relatives, usually someone close to you is making you nervous about your upcoming trip out of the country preaching to “be careful” when you travel and “don’t talk to strangers!”. Though we encourage a trip of befriending countless “strangers” (sorry moms), we want to make sure you are safe and taking the proper precautions to securing your health and personal belongings.

Getting Sick
In a new country you are traditionally eating cuisines unlike your own, drinking from a different water supply, interacting with different plant/wildlife and exploring in a new climate. All of these things can contribute to you becoming ill on your trip. This doesn’t even take into account adventurous activities you may be planning (skydiving, snorkeling, surfing, etc.) that can have a serious effect on your ability to fly due to change in air pressure and altitude (in case you were wondering, they’ve got special insurance for you adventurers too). Even with the proper gear, there is no way of guaranteeing it won’t happen to you. However, with travel insurance you can be covered as you are at home, anywhere in the world. This will not only ensure that sickness won’t keep you down, but that foreign medical bills also won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

Securing Lost/Stolen Items
As travelers, we have learned to be resourceful and be our most “low maintenance selves” with just a backpack on our backs. However, when we stop and look what is in that giant thing we often realize we have an expensive camera (or GoPro), a laptop, our phones, expensive hiking (or dinner) shoes, and other valuable sentiments to us. They are things that not only have emotional value but monetary value as well. Traveling makes it easy to lose or get our things stolen when we leave them in unfamiliar places. Having traveler’s insurance will help you keep your things protected so you can enjoy your trip without fear of being empty handed upon your return home.

Should I Buy a Different Kind of Insurance if I’ll be Volunteering While I Travel?
Nope! When you volunteer with HelpStay, traveler’s insurance will help keep you covered for everything. When it comes to coverage, there is no difference and our insurance will make sure you’re cared for even if you decide to take an extra trip anytime before, during or after your program. Separate volunteering agencies and organizations often have their own, costly insurance programs. However, with HelpStay’s partnership with World Nomads we put getting covered on your terms, making it convenient and cost efficient.

One important factor to note is that although it is not mandatory, our hosts prefer travelers who have traveler’s insurance. Just like us (and your parents) they want to make sure you are protected at all times. In the case of an unlikely event, having traveler’s insurance will save both you and your hosts the cost and headache that comes with traveling without coverage.

We are a community for travelers, by travelers. We started HelpStay to make traveling with a purpose easier and more accessible to everyone. Whether it is us at HelpStay or the World Nomads team, we want to help you explore the world and share unforgettable experiences- we just want to make sure you’re protected when you do so. For more information visit for a free quote.

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