Simplifying the way world works

with a decentralized digital economy based on instant human connections

Our lives suck and we know it. In a world full of noise and chaos, we’re constantly running around stressed to get things done. From searching for recommendations on places to eat in SF to finding a designer who can help with brand’s logo to consulting a maths teacher who can assist with an assignment problem.

Every day we do tasks or actions that require us to go through multiple layers of intermediaries and interfaces with too much data, power and control to access any type of information and services. This painful experience leads to inefficient use of one of our most important perishable resources — time — and more often than not results in a suboptimal decision.

All this when we simply seek connection with fellow humans to get answers, recommendations, opinions and get things done.

The internet & smartphone revolution has given us incredible powers but it has undoubtedly made our lives more complex as we navigate through the endless landscape of interconnected dots on the web.

This has to fundamentally change — or more specifically simplified.

We must ask ourselves why accessing different types of information and services has to be so challenging and scattered? Why can’t we get what we’re looking for instantly and reliably?

Traditional silo models have existed because of lack of proper discoverability, availability of right tools & infrastructure and poor (read centralized) incentivization structures.

But thanks to technologies like AI and Blockchain all this is about to change as we usher into a connected and decentralized world where everything becomes instantly discoverable and transparent with democratic incentivization structures.

What if anyone who is looking to get anything done is able to connect within seconds to another individual who has the right set of knowledge or skills to help with the task or problem in hand sitting anywhere in the world — amazing right?

This seems like a natural transition to the ongoing quest to making the global economy more flat and connected.

This could be as simple as consulting a professional chef in Paris for a special recipe to as complex as engaging a programmer in the Valley for building a mobile app.

Ambitious but possible!

That’s exactly what we’re trying to achieve. We want to simplify the way people do things or get things done by building a decentralized AI+Blockchain powered platform where anyone can give or get instant help for free or at a price through crypto tokens.

It’s like a community where people get connected on chat to share instant answers and recommendations about anything and in return earn in cryptocurrency thereby eliminating traditional middlemen and unnecessary friction.

The experience should be as simple as:

1/ Ask your question and get connected via one-on-one chat with someone who has the knowledge to answer it. 
2/ Receive answer requests around your areas of interest and expertise. 
3/ Get recognition, earn rewards and grow your network by helping others.

We envisage a future in which to get things done there’s no more juggling with multiple apps, no more wasting time sifting through loads of information and data, no more monotonous learning and working and no more control and data in the hands of a chosen few.

People will be able to enjoy what they love doing while making best use of their knowledge & time to help others in the world for free or earn where possible in a sound meritocratic democracy.

The amount of value this model can create for the whole economy is huge — think about the efficiency gains achieved from time savings and removing middlemen or new revenue streams created for people who found a new channel to monetize their skills, knowledge and interests.

Welcome to the future — experience it now at!