It’s Time!

Terrorism! Islam! It’s time to alienate the two. Vividly two points can be made.

  1. Terrorism is Islam
  2. Terrorism refrains Islam

The latter one seems legit. Terrorists are Islamic, but calling Islam terrorism would be unlawful. Pakistan, the country that just had a taste of their own cup of tea, is righteously trying to fight against the terrorism. The tit for tat attack by the terrorist group in Peshawar seems opening the eyes of the Pak government.

Heaviest coffins lifted in Pak after the black day on Dec 16th, 2014

Mr. Navaaz Shareef being the Prime Minister of a military active nation, had to take quick steps before the already indicated dictator rule may start, ONCE AGAIN, resulting in hanging of two of them already, with eight death warrants awaiting in respective jails.

Pic from the 26/11 Mumbai Terrorist attacks on Hotel Taj in 2008

We had evidences, it was Pakistan who planned the attack 6 years ago, and still we stand besides them at the time of their difficulty.

It was our 26/11, we wept. It’s their 16/12, and we weep yet again.

Indian Prime Minister in-spite of the bitter relations that prevailing with the neighbors, made a call to his counter part in Pakistan expressing his condolences and assurance for cooperation to fight terrorism.

It’s time when we alienate Islam from terrorism, it’s time to move forward together and fight against the evil spreading around the world.
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