Are you using CBD properly?

Beatriz Kaye
Feb 4, 2020 · 4 min read

Congratulations! You’ve joined the enlightened group of humans that use Cannabidiol, or CBD, to help their mental health, body aches, and sleep patterns. Pat yourself on the back for making solid moves towards wellness! *cue fireworks* Now you’re on board, you’re probably reading through mysterious words like tinctures, buccal, and dosage like, “Damn, do I need a Master’s Degree to figure out which products are the best for me?!” No extra degrees needed. We got you! Here are a few tips to finding the right way to use and dose CBD:

Hempbase Blue Dream CBD Vape Pen for sleep

First, get a clear understanding of why you’re using CBD.

Get to know your mind and body on an intimate level. Are you looking to stabilize your mood? End a pattern of anxious thoughts? Chill and regroup after a strenuous workout? Induce a peaceful, deep sleep? Intensify your focus in the middle of a test? Understanding your body is the first step. CBD has so many different uses, but it’s best to focus on a few main goals before diving into the deep end.

Start with a small dose, then gradually increase your ingestion as you get used to it.

Multiple factors, such as weight, hormonal states, or the intensity of the condition you’re treating, affect how quickly CBD works within your system. This means that dosages work differently for everybody. It’s best to start with a small dose, see how long it takes to feel its effects (if you feel its effects) then increase your intake gradually.

Use the best CBD ingestion method for your needs.

Vaping allows the CBD to enter the bloodstream quickly, meaning you can feel the effects of the product within 10 minutes or less. Our Vapes and Cartridges contain about ⅓ mg per 3-second pull. A few pulls are enough to bring vibes that brighten your morning, help you focus through finals, or lull you into a peaceful sleep.

Hempbase Mylk 1000mg Natural Flavor CBD Oil Drops

Sublingual (a.k.a. bucchal) ingestion of Oils under the tongue also allow CBD to enter the bloodstream fairly quickly. For enhanced potency, it’s best to hold the drops under your tongue first before swallowing. In a few minutes, a few drops can help you relax your muscles, feel present within your body, and elevate your mood.

Ingesting CBD via Edibles takes considerably longer. When chewing our Gummies, for example, you’ll get a little bit of the CBD dosage from the blood vessels in your cheeks and under the tongue, but the majority of the CBD will actually enter your body through the digestive tract, which can take 20–30 minutes. The plus side is that edibles do stay in your system for longer than vaping or sublingual ingestion. Read: long-term chill mode.

Our Oils can also be added to your favorite drinks for an extra wellness kick. Add a few drops of Cherry Amaretto to your favorite sparkling water to make a quick mocktail, or Lemon Lime to a kale smoothie post-workout.

Hempbase 500mg CBD Cooling Cream

Lastly, Topicals are a great way to target specific muscle and joint pains. Our high-strength 500mg CBD Cream, for example, is designed to melt aches and pains in a moment’s notice. Combined with natural ingredients like aloe, menthol and shea butter, our CBD Cream brings layered relaxation. Topicals are also great for inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Keep in mind that your skin is a less permeable barrier than the inside of the mouth or throat, which means that you’ll need a higher dose of CBD to achieve the results that you need.

Pick the ingestion method that fits your lifestyle.

Look, we get it. Being seen with puff clouds coming out of your nose during break doesn’t exactly scream professional. Take a moment to think about ingestion methods that fit in your lifestyle. Keeping a discreet bag of gummies in your desk drawer might be best throughout the day. Stashing your CBD Cream in your gym bag so you can slather it on before hitting the sauna sounds like bliss. However you decide to ingest your CBD, do it in style with Hempbase.


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