CBD 101: Terpenes

Beatriz Kaye
Apr 9, 2019 · 2 min read

Some of our strongest memories involve taste and smell. Think about the first time you bought weed from your weed man. He/she/they opened that goodie bag, and the skunky, earthy smell of bud hit your nostrils instantly. Think about the first time you tasted spaghetti. Your taste buds exploded with the sweet, tangy, acidic, rich taste of fresh tomatoes and basil. Think about the invigorating boost of energy you get when you suck on a post-tequila-shot lime. The sourness of the lime juice wakes every bone in your body and gives you a lil pep talk to keep dancing.

All of these moments are brought to you by terpenes. Terpenoids are natural compounds found in plants and give them their signature tastes and smells. In the context of CBD and weed, terpenoids are found in the trichomes of both the cannabis and hemp plants. The variety of effects in each strain are produced by a unique blend of terpenoids in each plant.

When the hemp or cannabis flower goes through the curing or drying process, the terpenoids develop into the terpenes we know and love. The curing process is basically the makeover montage in the middle of every rom com, where the main character levels up to a better version of themselves post-breakup. When we inhale that first whiff of hemp at a dispensary, we’re inhaling the post-breakup, knows-what-she-deserves, self-actualized version of Bridget Jones in the form of terpene blends. Growers take pride in the pungency and potency of their hemp flowers because they know consumers will buy what smells good to them.

Terpenes are also responsible for the varying effects of our signature Vape Pens. Our Lemon Up AM Vape Pen uses a terpene called Alpha Pinene that spreads alertness and promotes memory retention. Our Mimosa Recover Vape Pen, on the other hand, uses a terpene called Linalool. Linalool is a relaxing, soothing, comforting terpene that is also found in lavender.

Terpenes also work together to enhance the potency of each other’s effects, and to help CBD travel quickly throughout your body so that you can feel its effects ASAP — a phenomenon called The Entourage Effect.

Take Myrcene, for example. It’s a terpene that promotes deep sleep and anxiety relief. It’s present in most weed strains and some hemp strains. When it’s used in higher quantities, it can intensify the sleep-promoting qualities of the blend, which makes it perfect for our Blue Dream PM Vape Pen. Mighty myrcene also allows CBD and fellow terpenes to enter the blood-brain barrier in the Endocannabinoid System, so that you can feel the effects of that good-good as quickly as possible.

At Hempbase, we combed the 200+ known terpenes to find the exquisite blends in each of our four Vape Pens: Lemon Up, Tropic Thunder, Mimosa, and Blue Dream. To learn more about our Vapes, head to www.hempbase.com .


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