Men Who Take Care of Themselves Are Sexy AF

I’m a woman in my mid-twenties whose dating life has played out via Tinder, so naturally, I’ve been done dirty by a bunch of dudes. Ladies, I know you feel me on this one. 3.5 million women have been swiping to find a good guy to rumple our sheets (don’t kid yourselves), but should any conflict arise, men are unable to express how they really feel. Practicing self-care allows you the emotional capacity to effectively communicate your feelings, but men typically don’t do their part. Time and time again, women are expected to take care of men, who can’t seem to take care of themselves.

This is all a little bit ironic given the ubiquity of self-care. We’re the generation with all the major keys: We soak in candlelit CBD-infused baths. We ask a laundry list of questions about where our food comes from. We exercise to feel good, not to look good. We investigate our own mental health and turn to our online and IRL communities for support. We are getting massages and facials, and we are unapologetically pampering ourselves.

But men still don’t feel comfortable participating in self-care, because the idea of caring for your mind and body are inherently feminine. In the words of Audre Lorde, “Self-care is an act of political warfare.” Self-care was meant to be a radical way to escape from our soul-sucking 9–5’s and find ways to regroup from the mundane. Self-care industry giants like Goop have attached huge price tags and feminine branding to products designed to help us take care of ourselves. Self-care was not meant to be a gendered activity.

Unless you’ve never used the internet before (how are you reading this!?), you’ve probably heard of toxic masculinity. Toxic masculinity is the idea that men have to “[maintain] an appearance of hardness,” often using violence and suppressing emotions to assert their power. Men don’t participate in self-care because they’re afraid that they’ll be seen as weak. As if admitting that you need a second to breathe, slow down, and regroup is a tragic feminine character flaw.

But speaking for women everywhere, men who know how to take care of themselves are sexy af. Instead of wasting each other’s time dodging discussions about feelings, I have honest conversations with these men about what we want out of a situationship (again, don’t kid yourselves). I waste less time playing “mommy” or “therapist” to men who are more than willing to take advantage of my free services. We’re left with more time to enjoy each other’s presence rather than taking care of one another.

For men out there who still don’t feel like they can take part in self-care, you have my official co-sign. Your femme friends and counterparts are not here to run the marathon for you, but we’re all rooting for you from the sidelines! Self-care doesn’t only consist of baths and massages — but if you’re trying to take a bubble bath and get a massage, then go right ahead! Add that Men’s Bath Bomb by De La Beuh to your shopping cart. Get a bangin’ new haircut at Frank’s Chop Shop. Stop by Kith for a fresh pair of kicks. Caring for yourself can also look like making intentional space for silence, exercising to boost your energy levels, and checking in with a friend when you need support. Self-care doesn’t always have to cost a ton of time or money, or be inherently feminine.

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