Crossing into the new Forever

It was here at the end of the world, that the true beginning could be found. A new future that would hold no scars of the past, a clean slate. It took the destruction of everything but utopia was finally found. Standing on the precipice, staring out into the peaceful view, he made his final sacrifice.

His death at first seemed like a failure. Falling down into the abyss of the cavern, even his closest followers had written him off. Yet, when they had given up on hope, he rose. With his rising, his true form took hold and a light broke forth. Dancing to and fro, it divided and came to rest inside those that believed. This light consumed the darkness in each man till they shown like the sun at noon day.

It was this new light in them that showed the way across the vast expanse. No longer would they be forced to reside in this land of decay, but the perfect garden of God was now in reach.

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