That Awkward Moment when you Meet a Friend 10 Years Later

“Robert, is that you?”

“Wait, Bill, Bill McCowel?”

“Yeah, hey man! How are you? It’s been like… what, ten years?”

“Yeah, I haven’t seen you since we graduated college! What have you been up to?”

“Oh, you know, a little of this, a little of that. I see you became a police officer.”

“Yep, always was the dream.”

“You did always say you wanted to become a detective. Looks like you made it.”

“Thanks! You know, I thought you wanted to be an actor.”

“Yeah well, having a degree in theater didn’t really help with finding work after college. I did get into some stunt work though.”

“Oh, is that where you learned all those cool parkour moves?”

“Yeah, like, I knew that learning how to do that stuff was going to be the future so I tried to make a niche in the stunt man world by being able to do that. It worked for a while, got a lot of attention.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, like, you never are really ‘famous’ as a stunt person but often times its that set of skills that people want. So a guy came to me one time, offered a job, I took it, and never looked back.”

“So that explains why you ended up here.”

“Yep, hey remember that time we snuck those beers into the college library?”

“Of course! I thought you were going to get us kicked out for sure. It didn’t help that one of the library workers stared at us as we walked in.”

“It was like she knew we were up to something.”

“And when she tried to catch us, we totally snuck out, right under her nose.”

“She so thought she had us, I even left that bottle cap out in front of the study room as if we had dropped it there. I still wish I could have seen her face when she busted in on that group of girls studying for that nursing midterm.”

“You did almost ruin it but yelling out ‘Wild Bill strikes again!’ as we left.”

“Yeah, that wasn’t the best idea.”

“And when she called campus security on us, you were able to talk your way out of it.”

“What can I say, blessed with a silver tongue.”

“Always thought that blessing was going to make you a big star one day.”

“Me too, me too.”

“Well, this makes this so much more awkward.”

“Yeah, could you put down the gun.”

“I could, but you would need to lower yours first.”

“Come on, man, are you really going to arrest me? It’s me, Bill!”

“I know Bill, but you are also right now the guy pointing a gun at me and holding a bag with some very stolen things in it.”

“Hey, a man has got to do what a man has to do. It’s just a job.”

“Well if it’s just a job, then you can just leave the bag, and I’ll give you a head start.”

“No can do Robert, there are scary things out there then prison.”

“Just drop the gun already.”

“You first.”

“Gosh, of course it would have to be you. You were always the cause of my problems.”

“Your problems? If it wasn’t for me, you would have spent every day cooped up in your dorm room playing some online game.”

“And if I hadn’t been there to stop you, you would have been kicked out a dozen different times.”

“Well where were you when my life went down the drain then!? Where were you when I said yes to doing this job!?”

“Look, I’m sorry. Just please, put down the gun and the bag. It’s the best I can do.”

Bill looked over his shoulder, it was at least a drop of ten stories, the nearest building was separated by an alley way and the closest thing he could see was a fire escape that was attached to the building across the alley.

“No can do Robert, no can do.”



Robert felt his chest. There wasn’t a scratch on him. He was sure that Bill had perfect aim at his torso but he couldn’t find any wounds. Patting himself down, he realized he was completely ok.

Bill wasn’t.

The red stain grew quickly on Bill’s shirt.

“I knew you would make a good cop, Rob.”

Bill fell back off the roof.

Robert ran to the edge and peered over. Below Bill waved up at him.

Robert watched as Bill rolled off of the giant inflatable he had fallen on. Two other guys were already squishing it into the back of a van as Bill brushed himself off, looked up and smiled at Robert.

Looking down at the roof he was standing on, he touched the blood that had dripped off of Bill. He brought it up to his nose, and then licked it.


He turned back, the van was already leaving the alleyway. A smile crossed Robert’s face.

“Wild Bill rides again, huh?”