Warrendell — Part 7

“I’m the what?”

He couldn’t remember everything but in the few memories he did remember he was for sure not some powerful wizard.

“Look, just stay in the back, we can take care of this guy. I’m actually trying to figure out what he is so angry about. Once we get out of here, we will figure out how to get your memories back.” The stone man gave him a thumbs up then charged the dragon.

His head was spinning, this was too much information too fast. The roar from the dragon made him snap back into reality.

He quickly ran to the back of the room and from there tried to study their attacker. He had kept calling it a dragon in his head but it really looked much more like a T-rex, but it did breath fire, but it didn’t have wings, do dragons need wings?

For simplicity sake he decided it would be a dragon. This wasn’t earth after all.

Yet the more he looked at the dragon, the more familar it looked. He slowly become certain that he had seen it before. A name appeared in his head: Char.

“Char?” He said quietly to himself.

As the battle went on the dragon was starting to get the upper hand. Lyra looked exausted as if constently casting magic had drained her. Tim was also out of breath. Tidus’ armor was starting to almost glow red from the heat and had to pull back to try and cool down.

“Man, will you just calm down!?” The stone man yelled as he tried his best to keep its attention. Yet, even his best effort wasn’t enough as the dragon rammed him with his head sending him flying.

The dragon then looked over at Lyra who was with Tim trying to heal him. It started to charge. As it approached, it started to open its mouth as flames started to appear.

“Lyra! Tim!” Tidus yelled but his armor still wouldn’t move.

“Char! Stop it!” He yelled.

The dragon stopped and looked at him.


The dragon started to walk, then run to him. He couldn’t do anything but stand there, his back to the wall. The dragon approached him and bent down and sniffed him. After a few sniffs, it started to stomp its feet excitedly and then with its giant tongue gave him a big lick.

He started to laugh and reached up and pet him on his nose instinctivly.

“Wat… Wat is going on?” Tim asked as the rest stared in disbelief.

“I don’t quite remember everything but I do remember that this is Char, he’s my pet.”

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