Could Bas be the next J.Cole?

“Winning back to back, next up to bat is my nigga Bas”

Dreamville artist Bas stepped up to bat in a big way on his latest project Milky Way. Bas isn’t someone that I’m very familiar with, but I went into this project with high hopes. J. Cole promised that it would give us hell, on the Album of the Year (Freestyle) and Bas Delivered.

Bas definitely reminds me of J.cole on this project so all the Cole fans will fuck with this. If you’re after your hard trap beat type bangers, then this ain’t for you fam. If I had to describe this album in one word, it would be wavy, every instrumental on this album spoke to my soul and definitely carried this LP a lot, so props to the producers. That being said, Bas definitely killed it as well. With great flows and bars, Bas dropped a 14 track LP with no fillers. He consistently switched up the flows keeping every song fresh and the features on the album were outstanding. Bas really showed artistic versatility by adding J.Cole and A$AP Ferg, without compromising the overall vibe of the album. The highlights on Milky Way are definitely those two features though. The track, Boca Raton ft. A$AP Ferg sounds like a classic Ferg song but keeps the Bas feel.

In an interview, Bas said that Milky Way paints a picture of finding love and yourself, but that message didn’t really hit me, and I listened through multiple times. It didn’t paint that picture for me in the context of the overall album, and that’s got to be the only negative thing I have to say about it

Bas heavily reminds of J.Cole, but he might even appeal to Cole haters. Overall this album was amazing, and I would recommend that everyone listen to it at least once especially if you want some music to vibe to. Dreamville is killing it at the moment, and it’s got me hyped to see what’s next.

Fav Tracks: Icarus, Tribe, Boca Raton, Purge and Sanufa

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