Hotties of the Week (3/12)

Still no bikinis, just my fire picks for the past week featuring Avengers: Infinity War, TAPZ and Baby Mama’s Club

#1 Avengers: Infinity War trailer

HO. LY. SHIT! Marvel are the Kings of building movie hype. Sure this is something we’ve all known for years but the Infinity War trailer really takes that accolade to a new level. Earlier this year at SDCC a different trailer was shown (which the rest of us shouldn’t have seen but you’ve got to love leaks) featuring more Guardians of the Galaxy and less Thor, but this new trailer is the opposite. It makes sense though, and it explains why we’ve had to wait so long for this trailer. Marvel had to show the fans at SDCC something, so they rode the hype wave of the just released Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2 and upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, and played to the nostalgia of previous Marvel films. With this new trailer, they’re able to include more footage that relates directly to Ragnarok and gives us more of a glimpse into Infinity War 1. To say that I am exited for this film is an understatement.

#2 TAPZ — Beautiful Nightmare EP

Fresh off the back of winning an EMA for Best New Zealand Artist (beating out our queen Lorde I should add), our next big musical export has just dropped his debut EP Beautiful Nightmare. A brief collection of 6 stunning tracks, this debut is yet another step onto the international scene for the Zimbabwe-born kiwi. I’ve been saying it for a few years now but I’ll say it again; TAPZ is the next big thing alongside acts like Sachi and Maala. Have a listen on the player below.

Why is this box so unnecessarily big? Who knows

#3 Baby Mama’s Club

TVNZ pls don’t come after me for stealing this image.

New Zealand isn’t known for its great television (Shorty St I’m looking at you), but if you search beyond the primetime offerings on TV, you’ll find some incredible short films and web-series from great young kiwi creators. The hilarious, moving and provocative Baby Mama’s Club is the best new example of this. The show follows 3 young Maori and Pacific mothers who have been played by the same guy Johnny, as they attempt to track him down after he disappears. But the show isn’t really about Johnny. It’s about the strength and intelligence that these young women have. Baby Mama’s Club is filled with great comedic moments too, many courtesy of Main Man Tian Tan (y’know, the guy whose horrifically awkward experience on First Dates went viral) and a cameo from the legendary Dave Fane. But it also has it’s more somber moments. One that particularly struck me was a scene that ripped apart the stone cold exterior of one character, showing her struggling to take care of her mum who is suffering from Alzheimers.

I encourage you to follow the link below and give it a binge (it’s just eight short episodes so it’s easy to smash out).

And those are my hot picks for this week. I’m impressed I managed two weeks in a row to be honest. If you want to keep up with my thoughts on other random crap, hit my twitter @mitchill