IRENE: Medasin makes the most gorgeous elevator music you’ve ever heard

This electronic producer isn’t afraid to let his unique sounds shine in the age of big name features and generic drops.

Electronic music has always been kind to the youth. It seems to me that its fans are often the most open-minded and excited by something different — which should make the success of 20 year old producer Medasin unsurprising. He burst onto the scene in 2016 with huge track The Zoo, and built on that success with some memorable remixes. Now Medasin has unveiled his debut album, perhaps his most adventurous release yet.

The nine track IRENE is short. With just a 22 minute runtime, the project is easily consumable — something that is consistent in the music itself. The simply lush production on IRENE make it the audio re-creation of a fluorescent rainforest growing in an elevator. While the intro track Weird Summer sets an ethereal tone, Ramen follows that up by delivering something that sounds straight out a Nintendo video game menu screen. It’s the most gorgeous elevator music you’ve ever heard.

One of the best things about IRENE is it’s creative intricacy throughout. The sounds that Medasin has chosen are so crisp and selectively placed that you could listen to any track ten times, focus on one element, and not get bored. The use of ambient sound, white noise and worldly soundscapes also help set each track in a certain space. Warm Blue opens with echoed footsteps, an a happily surprised female greeting someone. For me, that sound put me on an underground rail platform, giving the music itself a physical space and event to soundtrack. A good musician makes you feel something. A great musician makes you feel someplace too.

Well selected vocal features help IRENE keep its momentum towards the end of the album. Relative unknowns Kaz Moon and Sophie Meiers are great evidence of the fact that finding the perfect fit is more important than getting the biggest name you know to dial-in a hook.

IRENE is the perfect album to shuffle on a lazy Sunday afternoon in a Kingsland cafe. It’ll have you bopping your head as you work on something creative or kick back with your mates. If you haven’t heard of Medasin yet, this is a great place to start, and if you’re smart you’ll listen on Spotify. When you finish, let the auto-play roll into the Ekali, Elohim and Medasin collab, Forever.

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