Finding the real IP address of a website behind Cloud Flare: Gathering Information

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In this tutorial, we will use a simple website built specifically for testing purposes.

and we will try to find as many information as possible from this website.

What is Cloud Flare?

Cloudflare and other reverse proxy services can make websites faster and safer. One of the benefits of these services is that they add a layer of anonymity to mask a website’s hosting provider and other details.

By using a reverse proxy service, it can be very difficult or even impossible for someone on the outside to figure out who the hosting provider is that’s originating the website. This makes it possible for content owners to remain anonymous and hide the origin IP address of their webserver to protect the originating server from attacks.

Time to start finding!

There are several tools to find information behind the Cloud Flare, such as:


Shodan is a search engine that lets the user find specific types of computers connected to the internet using a variety of filters.

Visit the website and type the in the search bar then hit the search button.

Here’s the result

From here we can see that we already got some sensitive information of

This is the REAL IP of

For more detailed information, we can click the view detail button or click the title as shown in the picture.

This is the Real IP Address detail

Real IP Address Information

This is the list of ports open in the server.

List of Ports open in the server

The technologies that are being used in this website

Web Technologies used in the server.

You can also see some Vulnerabilities

And here I created the video tutorial to help you use the tools better



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