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Passport Power Ranking Records Widest Ever Gap in Travel Freedom

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The latest results and research from the Henley Passport Index show how proliferating barriers to entry over the past 18 months of the pandemic have resulted in the widest global mobility gap in its 16-year history, with passport holders from top ranking Japan and Singapore able to travel visa free to 166 more destinations than Afghan nationals, who sit at the bottom of the index with access to just 26 countries without requiring a visa in advance.

With cutting-edge expert commentary and historical data spanning 16 years, the Henley Passport Index is the original ranking of all the world’s passports according to the number of destinations their holders can access without a prior visa. Based on exclusive data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which maintains the world’s largest and most accurate database of travel information, the Henley Passport Index is enhanced by extensive, ongoing research by the Henley & Partners Research Department.

Grounded in geopolitical analysis and with a focus on the realities shaping our world, the Henley & Partners Global Mobility Report 2021 Q4 is a unique publication that accompanies the Henley Passport Index, bringing together exclusive commentary from leading scholars and professional experts on the major trends influencing global and regional mobility patterns today. Experts in the Global Mobility Report 2021 Q4 suggest that the pandemic’s sustained impact on global human mobility means that there may never be a post-pandemic world to navigate, and that a global vaccine hierarchy is emerging.

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