Doodling to Soothe…

I am in a class for work and I find it incredibly difficult to pay attention. Between my laptop and my phone in front of me, my mind is jumping from email, to social media, to weather radars, to editing photos and jotting down ideas for the novel that I will never write, etc. The distractions are infinite and leave me feeling exhausted in a very short period of time.

So the solution, for me, is to do something by hand. Draw. Clear my mind of all thoughts and preoccupations and pick up a pen and draw patterns on a paper. I am a henna artist so I try out new designs and patterns on paper before moving to the hand.

I doodled this little gem with a pencil. It felt great to hold a pencil in my hand and come away with a product at the end! Cheers to putting away the phone and the laptop to doodle!