How to get to HENNGE HQ from Mark City (English)

This is an explanation of the rout from Mark city to our office.

Please walk through the hallway.
Head towards the crosswalk on your left.
It will take about 5 minutes to the next cross walk.
Take another crosswalk. You’re almost there!
After taking two crosswalks, head towards the right.
Head straight until you see “GLASS CITY SHIBUYA”
The entrance looks like this.
Go inside the building.
Take the elevator to 10F.
Come to 10th floor where the reception is.

〒150–0036 Tokyo, Shibuya, Nanpeidaicho, 16−28 
Glass city Shibuya
From Shibuya station 15–20 minutes by foot 
From Shinsen station 5 minutes by foot