The space we occupy shapes who we are and how we behave. This has serious consequences on our psychological well-being and creative performance. Therefore, it is super important to add pep to your desk, in order to enhance creativity.

When it comes to building your workspace you can aim for the trendy look using accessories that add a much needed cool factor to an otherwise boring desk.

Based on recent psychology and neuroscience findings, here are some simple and effective accessories you can use:

1) Weekly chalkboard Calendars ($25)

Planning your week ahead just got way cooler!

2) Lazerwood Keys ($40)

These keys just add a really cool vibe to your machine!

3) Drinklip Cup Holders ($5)

Table full of files and documents and afraid to spill your coffee? — Drinklip to the rescue!

4) Dear Paper Clips ($18)

Because keeping documents together doesn’t need to be boring at all.

5) USB Tulip Hub ($10)

Charging can look attractive too, if you know where to look!

6) Stackable Office Supplies ($35–40)

The best part of these, apart from their look, is that you can spread them out on the table while working and then stack them up for a clean desk when needed — organisation at its best!

7) Task Clips ($10)

When you have a ton of paperwork stacked and need to remember what to do with each different lot, these come in handy.

8) Pie Graph Sticky Notes ($8)

This item is particularly for the super-organised kind — the people who relate most to Amy Santiago from Brooklyn 99 — when organisation is key, pie graph memos are a must!

9) Aralia Variegated in Smiley Cup ($5)

Plants are always a great addition to your desk — and when they’re smiling at you, they’re so much more fun!

10) Vintage Aircraft Clock ($25)

This clock is a great piece for those who love old school.

With these accessories, not only will your desk have a new feel to it, but your organisation and task management skills will also shoot up a notch!