5 finance apps to manage your income

The student loan debt in U.S. according to the recent surveys is $1.28 trillion representing loans taken by more than 44.2 million American citizens.
-(data via student loan hero)

It’s not just U.S. but students, and even professionals, everywhere have been under debt for years now.
We could all talk about how great loans are as a force of independency but for someone who has to pay interest rolled out on debts taken years ago is too high to be called “helpful” or even “kind”.

To push back on these and other financial problems, we have established a list of 5 major finance apps that WILL help you get ahead with loans, budgets and can even ensure savings in the near future.

1. Mint

Mint is the foremost choice for most millennials and there are more than a few reasons for it.
This app is known to bring together the user’s inputted bank accounts, credit cards, bills and investments in one interface so that it is easy to track spendage alongside determining ways to save money.
Additionally, this free app will help you pay your bills on time while giving productive tips at intervals.

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2. Expensify

Expensify is an easy tool for divulging into expense report management, business travel and receipt tracking.

It allows automatic recording, submitting and reporting of expenses while also providing easy receipt capture.

Furthermore, it delves into automatic import of credit card and has a global currency compatibility.

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3. mvelopes

Mevelopes’ most loved feature to me is the categorisation of spending to organise budgets and shopping.

It is easy to set up the financial institutions, to assign and split transactions into different categories.

The app also lets you use various in-app security settings.

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4. Venmo

Venmo is like the “friendliest” of all finance apps.
You can transfer money by using a friends name, usernames, mail id or even phone numbers after syncing it with your contact list or Facebook.

You can keep track of your finances shared with friends and decipher who owes whom and how much easily.

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5. Wally

Wally requires some good old dedication of entering your daily expenses but it will, in turn, help review your expenses better while it balances all your accounts at one place.

It helps you set and stick with your budgets as well as financial goals.

Wally will learn and adapt according to your preferences.

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