5 Royal Enfield accessories you need to invest in right NOW

Every Royal Enfield owner buys into the “experience” when takes one of these bikes home. 
It’s about driving beside the shadows of trees on an open highway and cleaning it meticulously every weekend and even talking to it like it’s one of your “bros”. This is what Royal Enfield will offer you aside every other technical attributes you can read up.

These bikes have been open to customization for decades and even though some prefer riding it just the way it is designed, most enjoy refining it according to their tastes.
And we ain’t complaining for who doesn’t enjoy complimenting these beauties on the road.

So, let’s get started with 5 initial modifications and add-ons you can add to your ride.

Bullet 350

Saddle bags

Saddle bags are a quick replacement to most other storage options because of their “vintage” vibe and they honestly look really great.
Not mechanical but a lot like handcrafted, you know?

And they are available in various varieties with easy options to remove and keep them during long road trips.

They are fun, stylish and productive.


Every owner knows how significant “thumps” can be while riding either on the lower or higher side of the speedometer.

We would recommend you a few but it is all about personal experience with the silencers and how you want to sound.

We do advise you to select your very carefully though with consideration of its effect on the engine too.

Custom made out of a 350cc UCE Royal Enfield engine

Alloy wheels

Changing your wheels to the alloy substitute for long lasting wheel alignments, increase in bike’s stability as well making it look more brilliant.
Furthermore, these wheels make the ride smoother and easier to control during longer rides.

A lot of models look great with alloy wheels instead of without while some lose their essence. 
Please consult a fellow Bulletier before investing in one.

Royal Enfield C5


Windshields are a personal preference for most but we highly recommend getting one attached.
This screen will allow less wind to hit you while you drive, keep you clean from various flies, insects, and debris, eases your experience during rains and oh, they look fabulous on the roads.

Do pick a windshield by carefully analysing its height and fittings according to your and the bike’s body.

Customized Seat

Customization of your seat will higher the entire glamour quotient of your ride while increasing your comfort level.

The seats add beauty and we love the look a leather rump gives.
Even though it might stretch your budget, know that this investment will be the best one so far and leather ages so well that you will get compliments even after a long time of using it.