5 style hacks for men that you didn’t know about x Art Direction photography

We all have read articles on various hacks but we, at Henry & Smith, have come up with an eclectic combination of hacks.

We are pairing our hacks with their complementing art directions that we have handpicked from all over the internet.
Art Directors are my personal favorite artists that work with creating outstanding visual styles and images. 
When you pair beauty with productivity, you get a fabulous baby — This article!
Read (and look) on to find some inspiring techniques and imagery.

1. Using slight detergent to clean toothpaste-stains quickly

We are humans. Sometimes we are half asleep when we brush. And most of those times, we let the paste slip right onto our clothes.

The ingredient known as ‘titanium dioxide’ in the toothpaste causes these clothes to stain and dull to a chalky white.
Use a wet cloth to wet the stain a little and add a really small amount of detergent onto it.
Allow it to rest for a few minutes and wash it off with some warm water.

2. Freezing denims to remove the gathered odours

Since it is recommended to not wash denims often, there are tricks for you to keep them fresh without using any water.
One of the ways that you can go about wearing your denims frequently and only washing them once in a few months is by refrigerating them.

The dust does not seep inside the garment like the odour of everyday work, travel and sweat does.
Keep your jeans in the freezer overnight to kill the odour by destroying the bacteria.

3. Buttoning up the top button of the shirt to avoid floppy collars

Sometimes collars just don't seem to set right.

The biggest reason could be the absence of another layer of canvas fusing or other patches that would hold the weight of the fabric.

The easiest way to not worry about these is to button the top button after washing and ironing it while you let it hang in your closet for a crisp looking shirt all of the next day.

4. Adding dryer sheet or a bar of soap with the dirty laundry while travels

When most of us travel, we tend to forget about the dirty laundry that is piling up right alongside our fresh clothes.
What we usually do is pack the used one in a plastic bag and stuff it right in.
The chances of this method to work and keep the odour off the rest of clothes is pretty slim if you don’t have the right bag.

Instead, you could use a dryer sheet to even a fragrant soap bar kept firmly inside your suitcase for all the odours to not mingle disastrously.

5. Rethreading the drawstring with a straw

Once in a while, the drawstrings in our pajamas or jumpers get lost inside their tunnels of cloth and we fail to tighten our garments like we would want to.

The easiest way to get out of this misery is to thread the string right through the straw’s openings before stapling it.

Then we need to carefully maneuver the straw through the cloth tunnel until we find both ends out to tie them once again.