5 Things Women Want To See Her Guy Wearing

Most men face a faux pas when it comes to fashion. Sometimes they get lost trying to find trends while at other times, they get so blind following trends that they lose their individuality. While you would think that your woman wouldn’t notice these pointers, always know that she does.

Therefore, we at Henry & Smith, bring to you the only style-file you need to impress your woman.

1) Buttoned up shirt with Rolled up sleeves and a tie

Roll up your White Shirt Sleeves to bring on your A game.

It’s a known fact that women love men wearing shirts. But what is not known to most is that women love it when the sleeves of the shirt are rolled up perfectly to imperfection and complemented with a contrasting tie. We rank this look #1 to win over your woman again.

2) Real Men wear Pink

David Gandy in Pink Cable Knit Sweater

As a popular saying goes, only a man who is secure of his masculinity would sport pink. While it is considered to be a ‘feminine color’. However, women love it when men do not fall for stereotypes and embrace the lighter shades.

3) Baggy is not a Fit!

Now who doesn’t love a nice, comfortable pair of baggy jeans — women! While you may feel super comf and cool in baggy jeans, what women really want to see are a pair of perfectly fitting jeans. Therefore, it is always advised to buy jeans that are the right size. Another alternative solution to this problem would be Chinos — they fit well and look dapper.

4) The Drama of a Hat

Top it like Caffrey!

Ever wondered how Neal Cafferey made so many women crazy about him? The answer is simple — his classy hat. While most consider hats to be vintage and outdated, women would swoon over them. Hats make men look like the gentlemen that famous stories talk about.

5) Suit up!

No can Suit up better than Stinson

It’s no secret that women love men in suits. Suits make men look classy, dapper and oh so handsome. They need not be a 3 piece tuxedo. Sometimes just a well-tailored blazer and formal pants can do the entire trick.

This was our guide for you to make sure you don’t face any embarrassment for what you wear when your woman is with you. Log on to Henry & Smith now and stock up your wardrobe!