The world’s most prestigious awards- The Oscars just took place and had quite a few eventful moments!

Despite that, every bit of the award show reads royal — from the pre-Oscars bash to the gorgeous red carpet — royal all the way!

Every year, we see people talking about the best dressed women and the men are simply left uncounted for because of the staple code being the tux. This year, however, we saw a variety of variations of th conventional tux at the Red Carpet.

Here are our favourite picks:

1. Justin Timberlake

The musical wiz JT sported a textured Tom Ford tux and we just couldn’t stop the feeling!

2. David Oyelowo

Dave’s D&G black and white tux was a cool and modern spin on the classic tux, and we definitely loved it!

3. Josh Dallas

Man in velvet hitting all the right notes with his tux!

4. Pharrell Williams

Talk about accessorizing, keeping your swagger on and looking dapper all at the same time!

5. Ryan Gosling

The girls definitely had their little La La Land trip when they saw Ryan sport a textured Lapel and ruffled shirt. Way to go Ryan!

6. Ryan Seacrest

Seacrest bags a spot on this list not because of his tux, but because of the really subtly burgundy bow tie. Highlighting like a pro — he gets it right!

7. Jackie Chan

Well, after the high-tech tux from The Tuxedo, if there’s any cool tux that JC has put on, it’s got to be this one!